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caissus1860 on January 26, 2015
Comment: very disorganized and fragmented club. needs new leadership, someone who will pull all of the bike shops, racing teams, etc together and give a common focus for the mountainbike scene in this area. amazing riding potential and opportunities for great trails in this area however there is no leadership or focus. I joined Imba wich came with membership in this club since this is where I currently live. I received an email from the president of CVASorba and never heard from them again.
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Toby James on November 16, 2014
Comment: Hello,I am visiting from Australia on 1st December and really want to mountain bike ride.These are the questions i have
1.will it be to cold?
2.can i hire a mtbike from close to trails? or if not on route from CLEVELAND?
3.Time to travel from Cleveland?
4.please tell me the name of closest town to good trails if staying in Cleveland?
5.Any other useful information you feel relevant?
Thank you very much in advance Toby
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