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quantumebikes on October 2, 2017
Comment: I board city, a athletics friendly town. I even have a Stromer ST1x that if I provides a correct go, will reach up to fifty kilometer per hour. I puchased it at an excellent electrical bike startup known as Quantum eBikes, When I check drove it on the bike path (they have an immediate access to one), I might tell that if i actually wished to, I might become a demon hehe. I guess it depends on the person, really.
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obone on September 15, 2017
Comment: Looking to MTB the Garden Route in South Africa? Look no further....from Mosselbay to Knysna we offer the best there is!!! From accommodation, transfers, drop us a mail to package your trip today!
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Guest on January 26, 2016
Comment: I'd like to set up an online apparel shop free of charge for you with your custom branded gear...who would speak with? You can call me or email me Scott Pratt 509-951-5950 email website:
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Comment: Hi Everyone!

Ionut from VEAR here.

On October the 22nd we're launching our product on Kickstarter and we are gathering some feedback from potentially interested people prior to the campaign, in order to improve it. Hope you will help! :D

Our product is a pair of rain pants with the main feature of taking it off in a second. On our website we have a brief presentation of the product.

We asked on other forums as well and some of the feedback was in regards to the video, which is a bit cheesy but we have that covered. We have a second improved version of the video for the campaign.

We were also asked if they are breathable. They are (waterproof 15000mm; breathable 3000 mvp); a in-depth fabrics technical description will be displayed on the campaign page.

The price we are considering to set for it would be $79.90 for early bird and $89.90 normal price, with worldwide shipping included, but it's up to change until we do all the calculations.

What are your thoughts in regards to the product and the presentation, price?
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