Projekt Roam’s Weekly Wander: La Milagrosa Trail, Mount Lemmon, Tucson, Arizona

La Milagrosa is a challenging trail–one of many multi-use trails found on Mount Lemmon in Tucson, AZ. La Milagrosa Trail carries you down the rocky ridges and canyons of the lower mountains, dropping into the Sonoran Desert. Much of the route has riders navigating up and down chunky, technical singletrack, providing a perfect ride for …

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Projekt Roam’s Weekly Wander: Riverside Trails, Whistler, British Columbia

The Riverside Trails meander through the plentiful and lush flora of the Whistler Valley in beautiful British Columbia. Helping to make up a part of the Whistler Valley Trail System, these trails provide a scenic, entertaining ride for riders of any skill level while showcasing another amazing biking side of Whistler, BC. For more information …

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Projekt Roam’s Weekly Wander: Mormon Trail, Phoenix, Arizona

The Mormon Trail challenges riders with a rocky, technical ride in the heart of the urban sprawl of Phoenix, Arizona. Mormon Trail is a connector trail that links to other fantastic rides in the desert wonderland of South Mountain Regional Park.

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Projekt Roam’s Weekly Wander: Colorado Trail Molas Pass, Durango

Contributing to the almost 500 miles of trail that stretches from Denver to Durango, the Colorado Trail provides amazing singletrack accompanied by endless views. In the high alpine country of the Rockies, the Molas Pass segment of the trail takes you through fragrant pine, past peaceful lakes, and through vibrant meadows.

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