Projekt Roam’s Weekly Wander: Zippity Loop, Fruita, Colorado

The Zippity Loop is just under a nine-mile journey which carries riders up rolling hills and along ridge tops before it starts descending. Twisting and turning through washes, undulating down steep hills, the trail eventually returns to the start of this lollipop loop. The Zippity Loop is located at the North Fruita Desert/18 Road Trail …

Projekt Roam’s Weekly Wander: Wolverton Trail, Prescott, AZ

Located in Prescott, AZ, the 4915 Wolverton Trail starts out with a sustained, mellow-grade climb that eventually deposits you atop a mountain with fantastic views. Fast and loose, the descent back down is an entertaining reward leading back to the White Spar campground. The trail can be ridden as an out-and-back or connected to other …

Projekt Roam’s Weekly Wander: Arizona Trail, Flagstaff, AZ

Running the north to south length of the state of Arizona at over 800 miles, the Flagstaff portion of the Arizona Trail is an entertaining, scenic traverse through the Francisco Peaks. The Arizona Trail carries riders up and down flowing singletrack, through pine and aspen, over rocks, and across meadows with stunning views. The trail …

Projekt Roam’s Weekly Wander: Spencer Mountain, Whitefish, Montana

The Flow Factory Trail at North Spencer Mountain Trailhead in Whitefish, MT is a thrill ride of a slopestyle/slalom-type trail, incorporating natural features in the middle of the forest. It flows through bermed corners, jumps, drops, and rock features, keeping riders on their toes and entertained.

Projekt Roam’s Weekly Wander: Prison Camp, Tucson, AZ

Prison Camp is one of many mountain bike-worthy multi-use trails found within the Mount Lemmon Trail System in Tucson, AZ. When ridden as part of the “Lemmon Drop,” the Prison Camp trail portion of the ride is a mostly descending ride with short climbs, providing enough speed and technical challenges to keep you thoroughly entertained.