Guide to building better MTB trails

For most of us mountain bike trails just seem to exist. It’s not that we’re lazy or ungrateful, it’s just that we don’t put much thought into the sacrifices that are often made to build a world-class mountain bike trail. Beyond the physical work that goes into building a great trail system the political, social, …

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MTB lessons for business

In perhaps another example of mountain biking becoming the next golf, Paul Kedrosky writes “Everything I Know About Business I Learned from Mountain-biking.” Paul makes some good points about looking where you want to go and knowing your limits. Maybe there’s a book idea somewhere in there? Lance certainly does well on the corporate speaking …

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MTB crash video

Nice video compilation of mountain bike crashes on Google Video. Actually the vid is a little slow getting started but hold on – there’s plenty of pain to keep you entertained.

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The Edge of perfection: Garmin Edge 205 review

I got my first GPS receiver for Christmas in 2000 and since then I’ve purchased and tested a number of offerings from Garmin including the Vista, Forerunner, and now the Edge. After using the Garmin Edge 205 for a short afternoon I have to say this is easily my favorite GPS for mountain biking. The …

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MTB Review – Bikes & more

A couple weeks ago I talked about our (sucky) mountain bike gear review pages on singletracks and now we’ve done something about it. The new mountain bike review pages are now online and we already have several reviews for you to check out. The singletracks mountain bike review site is a little different from others …

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Mountain bike job: Gear tester/writer

For some reason these mountain bike job posts always seem to come to me on Fridays -¬† which is too bad since most of us dream of these types of jobs on Monday mornings :(. This week’s job is perhaps the one job that will make you question your career choice the most – Mountain …

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Old MTB articles posted

We haven’t been officially blogging that long but we’ve been writing online mountain bike articles on singletracks for years (5 and a half years to be exact). Now you can find all our past articles right here in our blog archives, including our most popular article EVER – MTB Jerks. Enjoy the blast from the …

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