Mirror for a mountain bike?

Picture this: You’re riding your mountain bike down a remote section of trail when suddenly, out of nowhere, a mountain lion starts to chase you. You pedal faster and faster but the powerful cat stays just inches behind you. You swerve from side to side but you have no idea if it’s working. If only …

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Equestrians gone wild

For once mountain bikers are on the other side of the trail access debate. Apparently mountain bikers are fed up with equestrians illegally using the trails at two parks in the Lubbock, TX area and a recent letter to the editor shows mountain bikers aren’t afraid to speak out. As you may recall, a crazy …

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Crankworx Colorado

Whistler Resort is putting on the Crankworx freeride mountain bike festival at Winter Park in Colorado this summer. The legendary Crankworx festival is held in Whistler, British Columbia each year and features cross country, downhill, and free ride races and demonstrations. Crankworx Colorado takes place July 5-7.

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Good chance to ride the Kokopelli trail

For those who have dreamed of riding the famed Kokopelli Trail but haven’t had the time to plan the trip, Bikerpelli 2007 might be a good option for you. The 5th annual Bikerpelli trip is fully supported and rides the entire trail starting near Fruita, CO and ending in Moab, UT in 4 days. All …

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MTB trail access: Illegal trails

Trail users often use the phrase “illegal trail” to describe a number of mountain bike trail situations, some more illegal than others. Some trails are located in designated wilderness or Federally managed areas and violations of trail rules can result in felony convictions. Other trails constructed without permission from land managers are often considered illegal …

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Klunkerz MTB documentary screening at Newport Beach Film Festival

KLUNKERZ will screen at the Newport Beach Film Festival at the Edwards Island Cinemas on April 22nd at 3:30 pm. The film is about a group of friends in Marin County whose passion for cycling created a worldwide sensation. There’s interviews with all the pioneers, rare photographs, and some great vintage road racing and MTB …

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GPS software review: TopoFusion

Over the past year we’ve looked at a ton of GPS mountain bike trail data from all over the country and we started noticing a pattern: many of you are using TopoFusion to manage your GPS data. Since singletracks users are perhaps the smartest mountain bikers on the planet, we decided to check out TopoFusion …

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Indoor mountain biking

Nope, this isn’t about Ray’s MTB Indoor Park in Cleveland – it’s the Red Bull Ride the Sky 2007 from St. Paul, MN. If you haven’t heard St. Paul has this crazy system of indoor skyways and covered walkways to keep people out of the cold in winter and Red Bull put together an awesome …

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Voice your opinions in Oregon

Good chance for Oregon mountain bikers to advocate for some new and improved mountain bike trails in Silver Falls State Park. The park recently added about 350 acres and park managers are soliciting public input on how to best use the new space. You can send your comments via mail, email, or phone – specifics …

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