Canmore, AB Mountain Bike Trails

Strathcona Science Park
Edmonton, AB
Topp Notch
Banff, AB
Tunnel Mountain Tech Trails
Banff, AB

6 bike trails

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Trail NameCityRatingLengthDifficultyTopo MapConditions
Stoney Squaw Upper & Lower Banff 9.0 Advanced bike trail
Sibbald Lake Provincial Recreation Area Cochrane 7.0 Advanced bike trail
Montane Traverse Canmore 5.0 Advanced bike trail
4 system trails
Douglas Fir Canmore 2.0 -
Johnny's Trail Canmore 2.0 -
Meander Trail Canmore 2.0 -
Tibits Quarry Canmore 1.0 -
Tunnel Mountain Tech Trails Banff 5.0 Advanced bike trail
3 system trails
Return of the Jedi Banff 1.0 Beginner bike trail
Star Wars Banff 1.0 Intermediate bike trail
Topp Notch Banff 4.0 Advanced bike trail
Topp Notch Banff 4.0 Advanced bike trail
Prairie View Canmore 4.0 Advanced bike trail
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