Cedar Hills, UT Mountain Bike Trails

The Whole Enchilada
Moab, UT
Porcupine Rim
Moab, UT
Gooseberry Mesa
Hurricane, UT

7 bike trails

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Trail NameCityRatingLengthDifficultyTopo MapConditions
Rodeo Down Alpine 0.8 Intermediate bike trail
Whiting Campgrounds Mapleton 5.0 -
Whiting Campgrounds Mapleton 5.0 -
Deer Valley Resort Bike Park Park City 150.0 Intermediate bike trail
14 system trails
Boulder Park City 2.1 -
Corvair Park City 2.0 Intermediate bike trail
Daly Grind Park City 1.0 Beginner bike trail
Deer Crest Park City 1.9 -
Devo Park City 0.9 -
Flagstaff Loop Park City 1.0 -
Naildriver Park City 1.4 -
Ontario Bypass Park City 1.0 Intermediate bike trail
Payroll Park City 1.0 Advanced bike trail
Road to Ruby Park City 1.0 -
Sam's Park City 3.0 Advanced bike trail
Snow Park Loop Park City 8.0 -
Spin Cycle Park City 8.0 Intermediate bike trail
TG Park City 3.0 Advanced bike trail
Valley Vista Trail System Pleasant Grove 5.0 Beginner bike trail
Big Springs Provo 3.0 Beginner bike trail
2 system trails
Big Spring Hollow Trail Provo 1.1 -
Cascade Saddle Trail Provo 1.1 -
Mill Creek Pipeline Salt Lake City 7.4 Beginner bike trail
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