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Trail NameCityRatingLengthDifficultyTopo MapConditions
Aspen Valley Ranch - Loops Woodland Park 5.0 -
Banker's Lunch Loop Colorado Springs 1.0 -
Barr Trail / Pikes Peak Manitou Springs 26.0 Expert bike trail
Beacon Hill Open Space Colorado Springs 1.0 Beginner bike trail
Bear Creek Canyon Loop Colorado Springs 8.0 Advanced bike trail
Buckhorn Loop Colorado Springs 4.0 Intermediate bike trail
Captain Jack's Colorado Springs 5.0 Intermediate bike trail
Captain Morgan Colorado Springs 1.0 Expert bike trail
Catamount Ranch Past Raspberry Woodland Park 18.0 Intermediate bike trail
Chamberlain Colorado Springs 8.0 -
Cheyenne Mountain State Park Colorado Springs 20.0 Intermediate bike trail
Colorado Midland Ute Pass Colorado Springs 2.0 Intermediate bike trail
Columbine Colorado Springs 7.0 Intermediate bike trail
Dawson's Butte Castle Rock 5.0 Beginner bike trail
Eleven Mile State Park Lake George 5.0 -
Elk Park Trail Colorado Springs 11.0 Advanced bike trail
Emerald Valley Colorado Springs 5.0 Intermediate bike trail
Falcon Trail Colorado Springs 12.0 Intermediate bike trail
Garden of the Gods: Ute Trail Colorado Springs 5.0 Beginner bike trail
Heizer Trail Cascade 14.0 Advanced bike trail
High Chaparral Open Space Colorado Springs 2.0 Beginner bike trail
I-35 Colorado Springs 2.0 Expert bike trail
Jones Downhill Colorado Springs 22.0 Intermediate bike trail
Limbaugh Canyon / 715 Monument 25.0 Advanced bike trail
Lincoln Mountain Monument 8.0 Beginner bike trail
Little Scraggy Pine 5.0 Intermediate bike trail
Lizard Rock Lake George 3.0 Beginner bike trail
Lovell Gulch Woodland Park 5.0 Intermediate bike trail
Mason Victor 5.0 Intermediate bike trail
Mays Peak Plunge COLORADO SPRINGS 1.0 -
Monument Preserve Monument 9.0 Intermediate bike trail
Mr. Goats Colorado Springs 8.0 -
Mule Creek Woodland Park 11.0 Beginner bike trail
North Catamount Reservoir Woodland Park 10.0 Beginner bike trail
Palmer Park Colorado Springs 12.0 Intermediate bike trail
Palmer Trail / Section 16 Colorado Springs 6.0 Intermediate bike trail
Pancake Rocks Cripple Creek 6.0 Advanced bike trail
Paul Intemann Memorial Trail Colorado Springs 5.0 Intermediate bike trail
Pipeline Trail Colorado Springs 9.0 Advanced bike trail
Platte River Trail Lake George 8.0 Advanced bike trail
Pulpit Rock Park Colorado Springs 6.0 Beginner bike trail
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Mr. Goats Colorado Springs 8.0 -
Quail Lake Colorado Springs 1.0 Easiest bike trail
Rampart Reservoir Woodland Park 14.0 Intermediate bike trail
Red Rock Canyon Colorado Springs 15.0 Intermediate bike trail
Sesame Canyon Colorado Springs 1.0 Advanced bike trail
Seven Bridges Trail Colorado Springs 5.0 Advanced bike trail
Skyway Park Trail Colorado Springs 1.0 -
Spring Creek Colorado Springs 1.0 Intermediate bike trail
Spruce Meadow Palmer Lake 8.0 Beginner bike trail
Spruce Mountain Trail Upper Loop Palmer Lake 4.0 Intermediate bike trail
St Mary's Falls Colorado Springs 15.0 Advanced bike trail
Stratton Open Space / The Chutes Colorado Springs 5.0 Intermediate bike trail
Sunset Mesa Open Space Colorado Springs 3.0 -
The Crags Divide 5.0 Intermediate bike trail
Ute Pass Trail Colorado Springs 3.0 Advanced bike trail
Ute Valley Park Colorado Springs 8.0 Intermediate bike trail
2 system trails
Almond Butter Colorado Springs 0.5 Advanced bike trail
Rattle Rocks Colorado Springs 0.5 -
Waldo Canyon Manitou Springs 7.0 Intermediate bike trail
Williams Canyon Manitou Springs 6.0 Advanced bike trail
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