Canmore, AB Mountain Bike Trails

Strathcona Science Park
Edmonton, AB
Topp Notch
Banff, AB
Tunnel Mountain Tech Trails
Banff, AB

6 bike trails

    Trail Type: Singletrack (x)    Difficulty: Advanced bike trail - Advanced (x)    Topo Map: (x)    City: Canmore, AB (x)   
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Trail NameCityRatingLengthDifficultyTopo MapConditions
Montane Traverse Canmore 5.0 Advanced bike trail
4 system trails
Douglas Fir Canmore 2.0 -
Johnny's Trail Canmore 2.0 -
Meander Trail Canmore 2.0 -
Tibits Quarry Canmore 1.0 -
Prairie View Canmore 4.0 Advanced bike trail
Sibbald Lake Provincial Recreation Area Cochrane 7.0 Advanced bike trail
Stoney Squaw Upper & Lower Banff 9.0 Advanced bike trail
Topp Notch Banff 4.0 Advanced bike trail
Tunnel Mountain Tech Trails Banff 5.0 Advanced bike trail
3 system trails
Return of the Jedi Banff 1.0 Beginner bike trail
Star Wars Banff 1.0 Intermediate bike trail
Topp Notch Banff 4.0 Advanced bike trail
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