Mountain Bike Trails near Taos Ski Valley, NM

South Boundary (164)
Taos, NM
Angel Fire Resort
Angel Fire, NM
White Ridge Bike Trails
San Ysidro, NM
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32 bike trails

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Trail NameCityRatingLengthDifficultyTopo MapConditions
4th of July Canyon Trail Red River 4.0 -
70 Moto Forest Trail Taos 4.0 Beginner bike trail
Angel Fire Resort Angel Fire 22.0 Advanced bike trail
Buena Suerte Trail #170 Taos 3.0 -
Capulin Trail #494 Taos 6.0 -
Cerro Vista Trail #124 Taos 8.0 -
Cortado Trail #162 Taos 4.0 -
Devisadaro Peak Trail #108 Taos 6.0 Advanced bike trail
Devisadero Loop (108) Taos 5.0 Advanced bike trail
Elliot Barker (1) Angel Fire 11.0 Intermediate bike trail
Exploration Trail Red River 5.0 -
Greenie Peak/Midnight Meadows Trail Red River 0.0 Easiest bike trail
Horsethief Taos 12.0 Beginner bike trail
La Jara Canyon Trail FR#5 Taos 2.0 Intermediate bike trail
Lost Lake to East Fork Loop Red River 14.0 Advanced bike trail
Mallette Canyon Trail Red River 0.0 -
Mondragon Canyon Trail #660 Taos 8.0 -
North Boundary Trail #495 Taos 12.0 -
Northside At Taos Ski Valley Taos Ski Valley 20.0 Intermediate bike trail
9 system trails
Bull-of-the-Woods Mountain Road Taos Ski Valley 3.0 -
Frazer Mountain Road Taos Ski Valley 3.0 Easiest bike trail
Gold Camp Trail Taos Ski Valley 1.0 Intermediate bike trail
Hike-a-Bike Taos Ski Valley 1.0 -
Malachite Trail Taos Ski Valley 1.0 Intermediate bike trail
Redi's Run Taos Ski Valley 1.0 Advanced bike trail
Sawmill Trail Taos Ski Valley 1.0 Intermediate bike trail
Steam Engine Trail Taos Ski Valley 1.0 Intermediate bike trail
Wheeler Peak Trail Taos Ski Valley 1.0 Intermediate bike trail
Ojitos Canyon Taos 11.0 Intermediate bike trail
Petaca Point Taos 4.0 Easiest bike trail
Pioneer Creek Trail Red River 3.0 Beginner bike trail
Powderhouse-Little Costilla Peak Trail Red River 20.0 -
Red River Nature Trail Red River 2.0 -
Rinconada Loop Questa 6.0 Easiest bike trail
Rio Chiquito Trail #121 Taos 6.0 -
Rio Grande Del Rancho Trail #18 Taos 6.0 -
Rito De La Olla Trail #438 Taos 4.0 -
South Boundary (164) Taos 22.0 Intermediate bike trail
Talpa Traverse Taos 9.0 Beginner bike trail
Taos Valley Overlook Taos 10.0 Intermediate bike trail
West Rim, Rio Grande Gorge Taos 18.0 Beginner bike trail
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