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Stone Mountain // Georgia

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Onefatbug   on Feb 3, 2013
added a photo of Santa Cruz Blur LT
My bike
Onefatbug   on Apr 15, 2012
added a photo

Fun Trail, cant wait to get back, long drive for me

very comfortable wile riding, Great air flow
Onefatbug   on Apr 15, 2012
added a review of Bikeways of Tucker

took bike for break repair, "had to" replace the rear break system rotor and all, lost parts off bike, threw...
+ 1 other
Onefatbug   on Apr 15, 2012
added a review of Free Flite

I have been in several times, every one there is very helpful, knowledgeable and not pushy. I hope to buy my...
Onefatbug   on Apr 2, 2012
added Fox Head Titan Sport Jacket
- Full-body under-jersey coverage sport jacket offers comfortable, comprehensive protection for serious riders - Anatomic, high-impact, two-piece plastic chest plate; removable...
Onefatbug   on Dec 10, 2011
added a review of Harbins Park

Nice flow, through the trees with lots of switch backs, the back trails are really fun, some good climbs. gota...
Onefatbug   on Nov 26, 2011
added a review of Yellow River

Very fun ride, you can find a lot of climbs and downhills, the Technical stuff is hidden but there.
Onefatbug   on Nov 20, 2011
added a review of Specialized BG Comp

Love the buckle, solid tight fit, big change from the lace and Velcro shoe that got replaced, nice fit, the...
Onefatbug   on Nov 17, 2011
added a photo
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