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I originally took up mountain biking in 2000 at the age of 35 because I spent all summer whining that I couldn't ski. However, the addiction soon took over and I now ride knobbies much more than I ride sticks. I'm a classic short attention span kind of guy and would generally ride an average trail for the first time than a great trail for the second time, and I will take every opportunity I can, short of ignoring the commitments of my family and day job, to seek out new trails, which is why my trails ridden list is so long.

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Outstanding article. Just . . . outstanding. From start to finish. A great read that has inspired me on this otherwise mundane day.
Chris, I understand where you’re coming from, but your position is not supported by the facts or even your own arguments. “It is an incredible adventure . . . .” Doing it on a bike makes it no less so, especially relative to horse travel, which you apparently support. At least a bike takes skill…
Technically, the Black Hills are "east of the Rockies." But they look just like anything along Colorado's front range or even Northern New Mexico or Flagstaff, AZ. That said, I would take a week there before any of the 10 on this list. There is great quantity, quality and variety of riding, and very few…
mongwolf, Experience of another Colorado boy. I loved Swope. If you're coming down I-70, it's also worth stopping in at Landahl which may be the best ride in MO if you like ledgy, technical riding and it's also convenient to I-70. I liked Shawnee also, but not as much--it's really kind of a "Swope-lite."
" . . . risk of unintended consequences, especially political consequences and further polarization of the stewardship and outdoor recreation community, . . . " So the status quo doesn't polarize the stewardship and outdoor recreation community? How does *including* another low-impact, human-powered user group add to polarization? The hikers and equestrians who don't want…
John Fisch   6 days ago
updated Red Rock Canyon conditions to Good

Each of the trails in this route has its own character. Ape Canyon and Abraham are completely different in both...
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This is a long and beautiful ride, but definitely not a 5 star for me. The top 10 miles are...
John Fisch   1 week ago
replied to Biking in October/November
Greenhorn, Sounds like your plan is taking shape.  Should be a great trip! Some additional ideas based on your current itinerary: 1.  Fruita is fantastic, but 8 days is a bit much for the area.  Since it's only 1.5 hrs from Fruita to Moab, make sure you get in some Moab riding as well.  Also,…
John Fisch   2 weeks ago
replied to Biking in October/November
I agree with Abe Most of the American Southwest is prime in October/November.  As others have noted, most of Colorado may be out of play by then, but Fruita should still be on tap. In Utah, that's a good time for Moab and St George/Hurricane.  St George is still a bit warm for my taste in…
John Fisch   2 weeks ago
added a review of Timberline to Town

Very entertaining downhill run that is mostly high on flow and low on tech. You get 4,400 ft of descending...
John Fisch   2 weeks ago
added a review of Wilkins Peak Trails

I seem to have had a different reaction to this trail system than most. Lots of great features, but a...
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John Fisch   2 weeks ago
added a review of Alpine Trail

This trail is everything it is reputed to be. I found it to be one of the more 'scary' trails...
John Fisch   2 weeks ago
updated Alpine Trail conditions to Poor
I love the Yeti, love the Intense, love the Ibis, love every one I've ridden. As much as I love them, not a one is even in the same league with the Foes Mixer Enduro for me. The mixed wheel size creates a whole different level of performance. How many enduro bikes win legitimate downhill…
So much to choose from there! There's so many variation, all of them great. My favorite route is from my house one block to Bear Creek Park, up the Regional Trail to the connector to Gold Camp Road. Down Stephanies (in upper Bear Creek Park), up Gold Camp Road all the way to Buckhorn to…
John Fisch   2 weeks ago
updated Wilkins Peak Trails conditions to Good
John Fisch   3 weeks ago
replied to Hard-Tails or Full Suspension?
Yes, it's true that full suspension can be faster even going uphill -- on technical terrain.  The suspension keeps the rear tire in contact with the ground, improving efficiency and speed.  But again, this is only on technical terrain.  Take it from someone who has raced a variety of courses, and who's son has just…
Wilson, I thought about Free Lunch but ultimately decided against it since it really is a dedicated freeride trail. If I was to consider all such routes, then nothing that didn't have huge air or deadly gaps would make my list. When I think of techy trails, I think of actual trials rather than collections…
John Fisch   3 weeks ago
replied to Hard-Tails or Full Suspension?
Not only are hardtails more efficient, they are lighter.  The main reason to ride full suspension is to better handle technical terrain.  The choice of hardtail vs fully in racing is based on how technical the course is.  The fact is that most xc race courses don't have a lot of tech and the top…
Any time, Greg! And if you still haven't been to Ute Valley or Cheyenne Mountain State Park, we'll make time to hit those as well. Tomorrow's article should whet your appetite . . .
John Fisch   3 weeks ago
replied to Budget 1x11 convertion
One of my bikes is a 3x9.  I use the big ring all the time -- as a bash guard ;-)  
Racer X was an awesome xc fully in its day.  A very light but fully competent bike capable of getting a little rowdy as well as slaying xc courses.  Given that it looks well cared for, I wouldn't be so concerned about its age as I would the basic obsolescence of 26" wheels for xc…
I agree. I have ridden six of the eight and also wouldn't put Ahab in league with the others. When I rode Ahab for the first time this spring, I somehow blew right by that "Caution, Walk Your Bike" sign without even seeing it. I knew it was out there, but once in the flow,…
John Fisch   3 weeks ago
added a photo of Captain Jack's
John Fisch   3 weeks ago
updated Ute Valley Park conditions to Poor
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John Fisch   3 weeks ago
updated Paul Intemann Memorial Trail conditions to Poor
John Fisch   3 weeks ago
updated Bear Creek Regional Park conditions to Poor
John Fisch   3 weeks ago
updated Garden of the Gods: Ute Trail conditions to Poor
John Fisch   3 weeks ago
updated Red Rock Canyon conditions to Poor
John Fisch   on Jul 1, 2016
commented on WTB Volt Carbon Saddle - Long Term Review
crizo, I havent sat on every saddle in the Volt line, but it's a good bet the Comp would be more comfy than the Carbon. As for which is the most comfortable, I might actually lean toward the Pro which has the DNA padding, will probably be as or more comfy than the Comp, and…
Yeah -- 55lbs? What'd they fill the steel tubing with lead? "Huffy did a great job . . . keeping up with the latest mountain bike trends." Like linear pull brakes and a 3x7 drivetrain! What's particularly amusing is that Huffy themselves apparently don't know that a hardtail and a full suspension bike are two…
John Fisch   on Jun 21, 2016
replied to Mountain biking in Europe
I just returned from a couple weeks in Europe.  Unfortunately, I didn't get to ride (part of the trip was work and part was vacation with my wife), but I'm dying to go back and ride.  I'm particularly jazzed about mounting up in the Dolomites (Northern Italy) or the Julian Alps (Slovenia), but I'm sure…
John Fisch   on Jun 18, 2016
updated Palmer Trail / Section 16 conditions to Good
John Fisch   on Jun 16, 2016
asked a question about Granby Ranch Bike Park
2449 virgo dr, 80906
John Fisch   on Jun 5, 2016
added Cub Creek Trail
This trail serves as an entrance to the Mt Evans Wilderness Area. Don't let the Wilderness sign at the trailhead...
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