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I originally took up mountain biking in 2000 at the age of 35 because I spent all summer whining that I couldn't ski. However, the addiction soon took over and I now ride knobbies much more than I ride sticks. I'm a classic short attention span kind of guy and would generally ride an average trail for the first time than a great trail for the second time, and I will take every opportunity I can, short of ignoring the commitments of my family and day job, to seek out new trails, which is why my trails ridden list is so long.

My Bikes

Steve, Congratulations! †I hope to do the same in about a decade myself. You should start by reading these two articles:     Based on†the only criteria given, "most beautiful," I would offer the following: Arizona: †Highline (Sedona). California: †Hole in the Ground (Truckee) Colorado: Monarch Crest (Salida) Kansas: †Fancy Creek (Randolph) Michigan:…

Great fit Sit secure Best polarization ever (no glare) Ventilation helps
John Fisch   1 week ago
added Hardtop Ultra XP
Open frame sunglasses with multiple, interchangeable lenses.
Two†mores tip for maintaining traction while being concerned with fore/aft balance. 1. †slide a little forward on the saddle and (turn away if you're squeamish) ride with the point of your saddle shoved right up your . . . . In this way, you can keep constant pressure down through the rear wheel to maintain…
John Fisch   2 weeks ago
replied to XC vs Trail
If you're just getting into biking, you may not want to spend too much, but I really haven't noticed a difference between trail and xc bike prices. †Both categories can be had in similar price ranges. † Any xc bike that costs a lot less than a trail bike will definitely be carrying some shortcuts--but…
John Fisch   2 weeks ago
replied to How often do you get injured?
Here's the odd thing about injuries for me. †My worst injuries, most painful and/or most debilitating, have been the result of rather†low-speed crashes or seemingly benign obstacles. My most spectacular/high speed crashes, while usually painful at the moment, have never been debilitating. So, at least in my case, there has not been a direct correlation…
John Fisch   on Jan 10, 2016
replied to A what bike thread...
xc 29ers that are good downhill? Look into the Rocky Mountain Element and Yeti ASR. †Both are xc race steeds that can get rad. †The entry level Element may be in your price range, but the ASR probably not.   Today's trail 29ers are xc-light and excellent downhill which may be a good option for…
John Fisch   on Jan 10, 2016
replied to Wear earbuds riding on the trail?
No, for two reasons: 1. †I'm out there to enjoy the outdoors. †Cutting myself off from the sounds of the woods defeats the purpose. 2. †Nothing irritates me more than approaching a hiker and announcing myself -- to no response because the hiker is unable to hear me due to wearing earbuds. †I will not…
John Fisch   on Jan 6, 2016
replied to Looking into an all mountain bike.
It's not just about the amount of travel, it's also about geometry. †Slacker angles really add confidence to descending. If you have access to a Rocky Mountain dealer, I recommend you check out the Thunderbolt line -- the Thunderbolt 710 runs $2299 MSRP while you may wish to stretch the budget a bit and upgrade…
John Fisch   on Jan 1, 2016
replied to South Tahoe in March
Sorry about the poor communication. I actually meant to say "not likely" as in No.
John Fisch   on Jan 1, 2016
replied to South Tahoe in March
Not unlikely. Tahoe is snowed in at that time of year, even in a low snow year. This is an El Nino year which is a high snow year. You're going to have to drive down in elevation quite a bit to find dry land in March or early April.
John Fisch   on Dec 30, 2015
replied to New Year's Day Ride?
All trails in COS are completely frictionless sheets of ice with a dusting of fresh snow on them. †most treacherous. † The fresh dusting hides what's underneath. †Without the fresh dusting, you'd be able to see your reflection in the trail! †I wouldn't even ride them if I had a fat bike (unless it had…
John Fisch   on Dec 30, 2015
replied to How much did you ride in 2015?
No bonus for me as I never track miles which are pretty much irrelevant in mountain biking--unlike roads which are mostly similar, trails are all different and present†wildly different physical demands. † I can safely say, though, that I put in far more miles in 2015 than in any other year, primarily due to a…
John Fisch   on Dec 18, 2015
replied to Snow Riding
4" of fresh pow will be no prob if the surface underneath is firm. It'll definitely take more effort than riding a clear trail, but it should†be fun effort.
Very Cool. †I especially liked seeing the dots across the pond and down under. †Now, we need to get some check ins in Africa and Asia!
Matthew, I have carefully considered the point you are making. I feel particularly well suited to address it since I was...
John Fisch   on Dec 13, 2015
replied to Can't Decide what to upgrade
Although I love the SRAM gx group, that would probably not be my first†choice for an upgrade. Between fork/shock and tubeless, it depends on what fork/shock you are running and what it would upgrade to. †If there's not a very large difference between your existing setup and proposed new setup, then that should be in…
John Fisch   on Dec 12, 2015
replied to All mountain bike recommendation
I agree with Aaron that the Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt looks like a good choice: You might want to look into the Foes Mixer. †The Mixer Enduro†will give you more capability, both downhill and uphill than your current rig. †It may be overkill for most of your rides, so you may want to check out…
John Fisch   on Dec 3, 2015
added a comment on Watch: Fat Biking in the Yukon
Whoa !!! That's about as pretty a collection of scenes as I've ever seen. This definitely makes me want to...
John Fisch   on Nov 27, 2015
replied to Elbow or Knee Pads?
Matthew, I don't know, if I had to choose between one and the other, which I would pick. †I have had some painful†hits on my elbows that hurt for a week or more. †However less frequent the knee shots have been, my knees are the only joints that have required stitches. Much to my surprise,…
John Fisch   on Nov 24, 2015
replied to Bootleg Canyon game plan  
John Fisch   on Nov 24, 2015
replied to Bootleg Canyon game plan
Up Girl Scout to Skyline.† If you want to try some downhill, hit the hike-a-bike to the top and come down Armageddon to Snake Back.† Snake Back may cause a dismount or two and its the easier of the downhill runs. If you have time, head back up on East Leg and grab the loop…
Another PricePoint goodie: Breezer Supercell Pro for $1,799 (45% off). †This is a great trail bike at under $2K
John Fisch   on Nov 18, 2015
replied to Fork Upgrades
I recently demoed a bike with a DVO Diamond fork that had outstanding small bump sensitivity without sacrificing anything in the way of big hit ability. †It was the best fork I've used in continuous small chunk. †They are on the very pricey side though.
John Fisch   on Nov 14, 2015
added 9 photos.
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John Fisch   on Nov 14, 2015
added Foes Mixer Enduro
Mixed wheel (29/27.5) enduro bike
Matthew, You should have no trouble finding good trail. I recommend riding Brewer Park and Piedmont. †Both are excellent and unique and they can be combined into a great ride. Some give equal praise to Mission Ridge and even Spirit Mountain (if the lifts are running and you are into that).
Great Article! So many classic phrases ". . . , well, itís freaking massive . . . " " . . ....
John Fisch   on Oct 21, 2015
replied to Has an MTB helmet saved your life?
I can recall two crashes after which I literally saw stars, just like in the cartoons. †Without the helmet, I'm sure I would have been much worse off. †Maybe not actually dead, but at least comatose or eating through a tube while my loved ones lament the fact that our insurance has maxed out and…
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