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agent6   on Aug 5, 2014
added a review of Devou Park

This is a great trail system. My first time being there today. I didn't have time for some of the...
agent6   on Jul 6, 2012
added a comment on Tech How-To: Ghetto Tubeless for Mountain Bikes
I used weatherstripping to build up the deep center channel on my WTB Speeddisc AM rims, and it works great...

EI is a great place to ride, if you are close, or even if you have to drive a ways....
agent6   on Nov 4, 2011
added a review of Tower Park

Kind of a dilemma with this one. On one hand, these trails are a great workout for any level of...

Wish I had more time to spend here while I was in town because didn't have a great experience. Mostly...
agent6   on Oct 23, 2011
added a review of Enterprise South

Great system! Had a little trouble navigating at first, but once we got it, it was great! Rode these trails...
agent6   on Sep 29, 2011
added a review of East Fork

great workout! good variety! awesome views! somewhat hard to navigate? (first time riding here)...
agent6   on Sep 2, 2011
added a review of John Bryan State Park

This is a relatively flat trail with some interesting obstacles along the way. Very easy to navigate. Riding with a...
agent6   on Mar 28, 2011
added a review of Big Creek

Being from Ohio, this set of trails blew me away. Rode them last Friday, and was very impressed. They are...
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agent6   on Mar 28, 2011
added a review of Blankets Creek

Absolutely amazing! These trails are well taken care of, and offer something for everyone. Mosquito flats is a great, relatively...
agent6   on Mar 17, 2011
added a review of Momba @ Huffman Metropark

rode this trail today. they finally opened it up after all of the rain! it was muddy in spots, but...
agent6   on Nov 15, 2010
replied to Post Pictures Of Your Rigs Here! (Part 2) heres a pic of my 09 mongoose teocali super with a view of pikes peak in backgroundnice shot, and nice...
agent6   on Mar 3, 2007
created a My Trails
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