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ocala // Florida

awsome well i hope to see you out there. ha your story sounds like a lil about me been riding...
ill be out by the vortex this sunday..look formy red and black full face helment
bmxjosh25   on Jun 23, 2009
added a photo
my bmx bike
bmxjosh25   on Jun 23, 2009
replied to looking to hook up and ride around ocala
hey guys and gals im lookin for a couple of ppl to ride with. im the fast single track type...
bmxjosh25   on Jun 23, 2009
added a review of Santos

love all the trails the red marked are awsome, the drops insane loved them on a 20in andnow i love...
bmxjosh25   on Jun 4, 2009
replied to New guy from Fl
hey guys i just joined. ive been looking for new places to ride around in FL i live 20 mins...
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