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Jeff co-founded with his wife Leah (mudhunny) in 1999. Today he works out of Singletracks World HQ in Decatur, GA as the publisher.

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Jeff Barber   1 day ago
added a photo of ZOIC Ether Short
What does the tent look like when it's all packed up? Is it basically just a flattish box that you open up like a pop-up camper?
Jeff Barber   3 days ago
added a review of Trywin D1

Small and lightweight. Inexpensive. Helpful for seeing ride stats at a glance during the ride. Waterproof.
Jeff Barber   3 days ago
added a photo of Trywin D1
Jeff Barber   3 days ago
added D1
Basic GPS unit for cycling.
Aren't we all self-flagellating luddites? Hey mountain bikers, there's this thing called a dirt bike and you don't even have to pedal it. :)
Jeff Barber   4 days ago
rode 25.4 miles at Peavine Creek

Evening Ride via Strava
Jeff Barber   4 days ago
updated Peavine Creek conditions to Good
I did this trip a few years ago (actually the Durango -> Moab route) and it was a blast! Someone should jump on this...
Jeff Barber   4 days ago
replied to Tip for bead seating
Great tip. I definitely cringe a little when pumping up beyond 40psi--you never know when you're going to get a loud pop! How are your buddy's tires leaking? Where is the air coming from? Some tires, especially ones that aren't officially tubeless-ready, have porous rubber that tends to leak air, mostly through the sidewalls. It's also possible he's…
I really wish IMBA would just take a "no comment" approach here. Seriously, this doesn't jibe with their previous statement about co-existing with the STC and presenting a united front. If Senators were lining up people who are opposed to the bill vs. those who support it, this makes it sound like IMBA would choose…
Jeff Barber   1 week ago
started a topic: Singletracks Gear Survey: Free Stickers
We're getting close to wrapping up our annual "Best Gear of the Year" survey and we need just a few more responses! Everyone who completes the survey can request free Singletracks stickers in the mail. Click the link below to access the survey (you don't have to be logged in to do so): Once we…
Jeff Barber   1 week ago
added a photo
Thanks Paul. I didn't go into the full details of our test but it sounds like we used a similar method to your study for the surface and obstacle tests. Speed was held constant over multiple trials (to get an average) and we measured work and forces using a power meter.
Jeff Barber   1 week ago
commented on a photo of Stadler
Wow, that's a well stocked bike shop!
Jeff Barber   1 week ago
added Reservoir Dryer
Hang reservoir upside down for storage
We've heard that from others too. As far as we can tell, it's an issue with the podcast app: I've personally been able to press the "Retry" button when a download fails and eventually it works. We'll keep searching for a solution on our end, let us know if you find anything on your…
Jeff Barber   2 weeks ago
asked a question about Seaview Trails Main loop
who manages this trail?
Jeff Barber   2 weeks ago
commented on a photo of Wildcat Gap
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How is there not a slalom course between those perfectly spaced poles?
Jeff Barber   2 weeks ago
added a photo of 5 Points 50/25
Jeff Barber   2 weeks ago
added 5 Points 50/25
The Lula Lake Land Trust 5 Points 50/25 is Chattanooga's Ultimate Endurance Mountain bike race. Racers will enjoy a grueling...
Yeah, the market is constantly changing! Not only that, just looking at what's being offered doesn't tell us what's actually being purchased. Now if we could just convince every company to share their sales #s.... :)
Yes. This is essentially what I was getting at when I said, The only time the oval ring felt odd after my initial ride was when starting from a stop or starting to pedal after coasting a bit. Depending on the orientation of the ring when I started pedaling, it either felt harder or easier…
Jeff Barber   3 weeks ago
asked a question about Buckwallow
Jeff Barber   3 weeks ago
added a photo of PowerTap Joule GPS
Jeff Barber   3 weeks ago
added PowerTap Joule GPS
ANT compatible cycling computer that includes GPS and temperature sensors.
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