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Jeff co-founded with his wife Leah (mudhunny) in 1999. Today he works out of Singletracks World HQ in Decatur, GA as the publisher.

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Yes. Some of us even shred in them, with a chamois underneath of course. :)
Jeff Barber   1 hour ago
replied to Noob tire question
The Holy Roller is basically a BMX tire so yeah, it should roll pretty well on street/hardpack and also dirt. At least that's what the marketing copy says... Go for the 2.4 because you know, wider is better, at least for MTB. I personally prefer semi-slick tires for efficient street rolling but good cornering performance once…
Are they using the same lead-in ramp from the recent Pure Darkness 3 video? Was thinking it looked similar and both were filmed in South Africa...
Wow. What happened? I'm definitely interested in knowing, but also feeling a little sick that sponsors are seizing this accident as a multi-part marketing opportunity. Then again, maybe this is the best way to help Matt (financially) with his recovery.
Great opinion piece but perhaps a more accurate title would be "Strava Sucks the Soul out of Mountain Biking for Some People." I guess the moral of the story is that if we see any of our riding buddies getting soul sucked, we need to stage an intervention. :)
This is definitely entertaining, though not surprising. This isn't a DH bike and it definitely isn't designed with pro riders like Phil in mind. Two more tests I would be interested in seeing: an beginner to intermediate rider taking this bike on an intermediate XC trail. My guess is the bike would hold up ok…
Jeff Barber   2 days ago
replied to What am I doing wrong?
Right, certain badges are milestone badges where you have to complete a certain # of unique check-ins to earn them. Once you earn Rambler, for example, you start working on Explorer. Right now there is no way to earn Rambler a second time.
That bike sounds horrible.
Jeff Barber   2 days ago
added a review of Granite Loop

This trail can be a sufferfest compared to the Steeplechase trail but it's worth it! The rocks and exposed granite...
Jeff Barber   2 days ago
replied to What am I doing wrong?
Good news! You have earned both the Rambler and Explorer badges: One thing to keep in mind is that your "ridden" list doesn't necessarily reflect the trails you've checked in at. Badges are based on check-ins only.  For example, I have a couple hundred trails on my ridden list but have officially checked in at less…
The Norco Torrent is a plus bike. The Niner ROS + gets a mention as well. No fat bikes though. :)
A lot of stairs. Got the gimbal working overtime on this one!
Jeff Barber   1 week ago
added a video of Grapefruit Trail
Seth of Seth's Bike Hacks visits the Grapefruit Trail.
Jeff Barber   1 week ago
added Baker Creek Preserve
Baker Creek Preserves features five multi-use, two-way trails, and three designated mountain bike downhill trails for more experienced riders, providing...
Right, measure at the narrowest point in the seat stay AND chain stay, and use the smaller number. Your best bet will be finding someone with a set of 27.5+ wheels already built up and trying to fit them on your bike to be absolutely certain. Your LBS might also be able to help out…
Jeff Barber   1 week ago
added USA Cycling Pro XCT
Final UCI World Cup XC race of the season.
+ 1 other
Jeff Barber   1 week ago
added USA Cycling Pro GRT
World Cup downhill race.
Good recommendations Rupert! I went ahead and ordered the Trywin $37 GPS to see what it's about. Look for a review on the site later this summer... :)
Jeff Barber   1 week ago
replied to Can\'t upload photos
Are you using the Android or iOS app? The app shouldn't state "uploading" camera roll; it should say "loading" camera roll. If that's the case, I'm guessing you don't ever see a gallery of your camera photos to select from. Is that right? Or are you able to select a photo to upload but it…
The Garmin Edge 20 is the cheapest cycling GPS from a major brand I know of. It retails for about $130 and is sold on JensonUSA, Amazon, etc. The Garmin eTrex 10 is even cheaper (you can find it for around $80-90) but it's not specifically for cycling. You can get a bike mount for…
Jeff Barber   1 week ago
rode 4.2 miles at Granite Loop

Morning Ride via Strava
Jeff Barber   1 week ago
updated Granite Loop conditions to
Most recent weigh-in clocked right around 28 lbs.
Jeff Barber   2 weeks ago
rode 26.7 miles at Peavine Creek

Evening Ride via Strava
Jeff Barber   2 weeks ago
updated Peavine Creek conditions to Fair
So is the east side of Mt. Hood less rainy than the west? I notice many of your photos so far feature surprisingly dry trails and bluebird skies. Of the trails on your list, I've only ridden Sandy Ridge and it was in the rain. :)
Jeff Barber   2 weeks ago
answered a question about Colorado Trail
The terminus section in Durango is definitely fast and flowy, though it's steeper than the other sections you mentioned. There...
Here's a direct link to trails close to Logan:|loc:41.735556~-111.833611~25~Logan%2C+UT I'm actually surprised there aren't more listed...
Jeff Barber   2 weeks ago
replied to Account lost
Hi Bob, it looks like you bboehman account is still in tact but it has a typo in the email address which may have prevented you from logging in. I've corrected the email address on your bboehman account and also the new account you created (our system doesn't allow two accounts with the same email…
Jeff Barber   2 weeks ago
added a map of Tryon
Several of us ate the affected chews and thankfully no one in our group got sick. This includes myself and my kids. Really strange...
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