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Jeff co-founded with his wife Leah (mudhunny) in 1999. Today he works out of Singletracks World HQ in Decatur, GA as the publisher.

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Haha, that's the spirit!
Jeff Barber   5 days ago
rode 25.6 miles at Peavine Creek

Evening Ride via Strava
Jeff Barber   5 days ago
asked a question about Split Rock Trail
What is the location?
Jeff Barber   1 week ago
asked a question about Fort Saskatchewan Hidden Gold
What is the address?
Jeff Barber   1 week ago
rode 33 miles at Bear Creek

Brutal loop via Strava
Here in Atlanta we have a non-profit bike co-op called Sopo that helps people fix up their bikes. A lot of people give parts to them, maybe there's something similar where you live?
Jeff Barber   1 week ago
added 7 photos.
+ 6 others
Jeff Barber   1 week ago
added Arktos
160mm carbon fiber trail bike.
+ 6 others
Jeff Barber   1 week ago
added Tyax Supa
27.5 hardtail.
Jeff Barber   1 week ago
added Komodo
27.5 trail hardtail.
Jeff Barber   1 week ago
added Eden
26 hardtail designed for women.
Jeff Barber   1 week ago
added Bighorn
Hardtail trail bike with 120mm of travel and 27.5 wheels.
Jeff Barber   1 week ago
added Surplus
The 27.5 wheel platform features three-inch tires for added traction, stability and comfort. which gives you more confident handling over...
Jeff Barber   1 week ago
added Bad Habit
120mm trail bike with Lefty fork and 27.5 wheels.
Maybe this falls into #1, but I've replaced parts because I want to change my riding style. For example, converting a 29er into a 27.5+ rig. And what about bike fit/comfort? Getting a new set of grips because your hands hurt, replacing a saddle for a more comfy one, etc.

Handles EVERYTHING like a boss. Surprisingly efficient climber. Sleek look and very well spec'd.
Jeff Barber   1 week ago
added Pipeline
Plus bike with 150mm front travel, 130mm rear.
Nice Dr. Pepper rig!
Oh, and they mention the fund paid out $360K in a single year (2014) to 30 different projects.
IMBA actually has a separate "Trail Building Fund" where (presumably) the money goes straight into trail building projects rather than their general fund. Here's how they describe it: You give, then we double or even triple your donation by matching it with funds from industry partners and foundation grants. The money then goes to support…
You bet, a new jersey with the new logo is definitely on tap! We'll be sure to let everyone know when we're close.
Jeff Barber   2 weeks ago
replied to Online bike store?
We did a round up just 6 months ago of all the big MTB brands you can find for sale online. At that time, nearly a dozen Scott bike models were available from but it looks like they're no longer on there. :(
I don't think anyone has given this much all at one pop, but I'm guessing some of the big guys come close if you add up each company's individual trail project donations... over decades. :) I'm guessing other companies have also given significantly to IMBA's trailbuilding fund over the years. Is there a reason this money didn't…
Jeff Barber   2 weeks ago
added a photo
All I can say is that I can't wait to watch and see what happens! I think you are right that a race like this becomes all about bike handling so maybe it will be like watching a crit where you're really just there to see the crashes. :)
Jeff Barber   3 weeks ago
added a comment on The Strava Effect on Mountain Biking
There's definitely some debate about which devices are most accurate for Strava so we did our own test--be sure to...
Jeff Barber   3 weeks ago
added a comment on Leatt AirFlex Pro Knee Guard Review
I got size large but for next time, I'm going down a size to medium. I was actually just looking at...
What I think you're asking is if you can run regular 27.5" wheels on a 29er and if so, the...
That's weird. I usually ride with my phone in my pack running Strava and haven't had any issues. I've actually had better luck with a phone in my pack than a dedicated GPS...
Jeff Barber   on Mar 31, 2016
replied to Little Intro, and Site Question
It's all one big forum so no need to worry about posting to the wrong section or topic. You can, however, use tags to organize topics. For example, if you have a question about a fox suspension fork you might tag it "suspension, fox, maintenance".
Jeff Barber   on Mar 30, 2016
rode 18.4 miles at Peavine Creek

Evening Ride via Strava
I agree with schwim. Problem was no one stayed with the guy. I've seen plenty of perfectly capable people lose it on the trail when they're tired, lost, and abandoned. Not a fun situation for anyone.
Right. Also, working on a way to check-in using the mobile website... Coming soon!
Jeff Barber   on Mar 28, 2016
replied to Portland/ Southern Washington
photo: Chris Daniels Sandy Ridge. It's about an hour from Portland and such a great trail!
Jeff Barber   on Mar 28, 2016
replied to Riding CO in early May
Yes, you can do 18 Road in May. Like Brian said, snow conditions vary from year to year but with 99% certainty I would say Monarch Crest will not be open in early May. The Colorado Trail stretches from Denver to Durango so there will probably be some stretches that are dry in early May, though certainly not…
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