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flamdrag8   on Jan 17, 2012
added a review of Trek Rumblefish II

Awesome burly cross country bike! light weight, DCRV shock, Active Braking Pivot, great geometry
flamdrag8   on Jan 17, 2012
added a review of Trek Sawyer

Great frame geometry, looks, ride quality! Good Specs for cruiser style mountain bike.
flamdrag8   on Jan 16, 2012
added a photo of Trek Sawyer
flamdrag8   on Jan 16, 2012
added a photo
flamdrag8   on Jan 16, 2012
added a photo
flamdrag8   on Jan 11, 2012
added Trek Sawyer
Frame: Custom-butted Platinum Series chromoly steel, 29er, G2 Geometry, split dropout Front Suspension: Chromoly steel w/custom geometry, 51mm offset, suspension correct...

I have ridden the steeplechase side of this trail and it is super clean and fast in areas. There are...

This trail is murder. ok, not really, but it is very tough. I like the challenge, but you really have...
My favorite part is when she says "fo shizzle", they can't be serious!
flamdrag8   on Apr 2, 2010
added a comment on Forget the 29er. Meet the Two-Oh!
flamdrag8   on Feb 15, 2010
replied to 29ers
When I first got my 29er, the hub got loose after only a month of riding, causing a slight rubbing...
flamdrag8   on May 27, 2009
replied to The 29ER DEBATE
Well, it has been a little more than a year since I started this post, and 29ers are the hands...
flamdrag8   on May 26, 2009
added a review of Yellow River

I have heard alot of hype about this trail in past years and I was really excited to hit this...
flamdrag8   on May 19, 2009
added a comment on British Professor Invents a "Better" MTB Shock
To my knowledge, this is not the first electronic shock that has come out. I believe that Noleen made a...
flamdrag8   on Apr 15, 2009
added a photo
2008 gary fisher hif plus 29er.
flamdrag8   on Apr 1, 2009
added a comment on Singletracks Going Road
I may be gullable, but you had me going there. At any rate, that was not funny. ;)
flamdrag8   on Mar 19, 2009
replied to Clipless recommendations?
I really like crank brothers egg beater and mixer. Both are great choices for your first clipless pedal setup.
flamdrag8   on Mar 14, 2009
replied to what kind of camera do you use?
I use the shockproof, waterproof, Olympus 1030 sw. 10.1 megapixels, small and light weight. A great camera, I highly recommend...
flamdrag8   on Mar 7, 2009
replied to Tubeless or Tube
In my opinion, tubes are as outdated as rim brakes. If you like pinch flats, heavier weight, and less traction;...
flamdrag8   on Feb 9, 2009
added a photo
2008 gary fisher hif plus 29er.
flamdrag8   on Jan 19, 2009
added a comment on Trail work at Sope Creek MTB trail
Sope Creek used to be a pretty good trail. They used to have alot more of the trails open to...
flamdrag8   on Jan 16, 2009
replied to 29er wheel and tire recommendations?
Alot of guys in the Alabama, Georgia area like the ignitor in front and the maxxis crossmark in back. With...
flamdrag8   on Jan 13, 2009
replied to Ergon grips
I have them on one of my bikes, and LOVE them!! I would have them on both bikes, but they...
flamdrag8   on Jan 6, 2009
replied to Riding in the Rain
I would agree with brianw, by avoiding heavily trafficked trails in the rain. Here in Alabama we have fewer riders...
flamdrag8   on Jan 5, 2009
replied to New Years MTB Resolutions
My turn. I ride 1 to 2 times per week, and my resolution is lose like 50 pounds. So to...
flamdrag8   on Jan 5, 2009
replied to Riding in the Rain
It seems that lately I have been riding more in the rain and wet conditions, than in the dry. So...
I have ridden blankets creek, oak mountain, raccoon mountain, tsali and many other Alabama and georgia trails. Of the ones...
I have your same bike, and I think you got an amazing deal. I bought mine in jan. of this...
flamdrag8   on Dec 29, 2008
added a review of Ergon GP-1

This a great grip! I love the cushioning and the ergonomic design. I bought them becaus I had numbness and...
flamdrag8   on Dec 20, 2008
added a review of Gene's Loop

This was one of my favorite trails and has recently been messed up. The second half of the trail (the...
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