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Gdb49   3 hours ago
added a review of Inner Limits

Good place to get some miles in during the winter. Add the canyons to it and have a fun day....
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Gdb49   3 hours ago
added a review of Wathen Trail

Someone cleaned this trail up after a season of too much rain and took some of the character out of...
Gdb49   3 hours ago
added a review of Granby Ranch Bike Park

Love this place, riding is top notch and the attitude is chill
Gdb49   3 hours ago
started a topic: Tires
Some companies are now making 2.6 and 2.8 wide tires for standard rims.  Will these fit in a standard fork?  Have a Fox 34- looks close on the 2.6 but the 2.8...
Gdb49   3 hours ago
replied to Colorado trip. What to bring?
DH rentals- If you do a package, lift, bike gear, and guide (skip the guide) it is very reasonable.  They are trying to make you fall in love with DH- and you...
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Gdb49   3 hours ago
replied to Help! New Bike Recommendations
Love the Stache.  Your budget is either a new hardtail or used FS.  Body hurts a lot less after a big ride on a FS.
Gdb49   3 hours ago
replied to Armor? Pads? Anyone?
Biking is about having fun.  If you have more fun with pads on, wear them!  Who cares what it looks like.  One crash with pads on and you'll know why you had...
Gdb49   3 hours ago
replied to Colorado trip. What to bring?
Gdb49   6 days ago
added a review of Mount Herman Trail

Just had a regular to this area take me out on this trail system and it was a blast!
Gdb49   6 days ago
replied to Colorado trip. What to bring?
Hydrate baby hydrate!  Biggest mistake visitors to Colorado make isn't not bring enough protection from the elements, it's not drinking enough water.  Our summers can occassionally get chilly, but not as often...
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Gdb49   6 days ago
replied to Colorado trip. What to bring?
Colrado Springs is the the best "Big City" on the Front Range to hit a variety of trails and have great local trails at the same time- cheaper than Denver to stay....
Gdb49   1 week ago
replied to Chris king hubs
CK hubs make noise, something is wrong.  Whoever said "break in time" was not honest.  CK is a great company a will likely help you out, give them a call. As far as...
Ever? Do you mean over a bong? Suspension front and rear. I've got to try one of these dam Fat Bikes!
Where is this trail on ST? Not finding this section under Wheeler or Miner's.
Gdb49   on Jul 21, 2016
added a review of Little Scraggy

Wow! Fun, beautiful, and high quality trail!!
Gdb49   on Jul 12, 2016
commented on The 10 Best Enduro Mountain Bikes for 2016
All the bikes on this list are great bikes, fun article. I did my research and went with the Slash 9 and was surprised not to see it on your list. If you like, I can make personal insults about you and your family since we disagree. I did not get the opportunity to ride…
Gdb49   on Jul 8, 2016
added a review of Trail 401

This trail is truly special. It may not be the greatest ST in history, but it is a great trail...
Gdb49   on Jul 8, 2016
replied to Crested Butte
Everything is open and in great shape on the 401.  Wow what a trail!
Gdb49   on Jul 6, 2016
started a topic: Crested Butte
I am heading up to Crested Butte tomorrow and have time for only one trail.  What should it be?  401 has been on my list so long it hurts( trail conditions?), Doctor Park looks great.  Any suggestions?  Anyone want to ride?   Greg
Started on an 820.  Heavy? Yes! But it will get the job done till you are good enough to know what you want.
Gdb49   on Jul 5, 2016
replied to Budget 1x11 convertion
1x12 is coming out soon, should get a great price on a used 1x11.
Gdb49   on Jun 30, 2016
added a review of Bergen Peak

Brutal, but fun!
Don't know the the "Ten Best", but I'd sure be happy to ride that list!
Gdb49   on May 27, 2016
replied to Is This a Good Beginner Mtb?
Craig'slist-  Look for something like a Rockhopper, 5yrs old.  Get in cheap and still good enough to upgrade components as you get more $$.  AND not an antique.  Good luck!
Gdb49   on May 6, 2016
replied to Steer tube
This is good info, but can anyone answer the original question?  Can I replace a tapered steer tube with a straight steer tube?
Gdb49   on May 4, 2016
replied to Steer tube
29" wheels.  Happy to buy a used fork, just not finding much of a selection.
Gdb49   on May 3, 2016
started a topic: Steer tube
Have an older bike, Rockhopper, with a straight steer tube.  Can't seem to find a good fork for it.  Can I buy a fork with a tapered tube and replace it with a straight tube?  100-120 travel
Gdb49   on Apr 24, 2016
replied to Disc brake discontent, brake fade
Shimano SLX may be the best brake relative to price on the market and common enough to find used.  If you are glazing your brakes, be ready to use sand paper and rubbing alcohol between rides.
Gdb49   on Apr 24, 2016
replied to Helping out a Novice
At 5'10" you are almost certainly going to be on a medium sized frame, even if you are not standard proportions.  $300-$400 bucks will get you a pretty dam good bike on craig's list- have it checked out at your local bike shop first or by a more experienced friend.  Do not go with a…
Gdb49   on Apr 21, 2016
replied to Portland/ Southern Washington
Will do!
Gdb49   on Apr 17, 2016
replied to Right of way on hills?
If you're looking up far enough, you can usually tell if the other rider is struggling- if so yield.  I like to practice my track stands, this is about the only time I do it and have gotten a lot better. Win/win.
Gdb49   on Apr 17, 2016
replied to Portland/ Southern Washington
Coming mid summer.  
Gdb49   on Apr 10, 2016
replied to Portland/ Southern Washington
Wow, that's very helpful.  Thank you Chris.  Out for a week, so can do one day that's a little further out.
Gdb49   on Apr 5, 2016
replied to Portland/ Southern Washington
Looks awesome, thanks.
Gdb49   on Mar 27, 2016
started a topic: Portland/ Southern Washington
Heading to Portland for a week to visit family, so day trips only.  Any recommendations?  Bike can handle anything, rider not quite as good- but willing to ride anything.  Ape Canyon is on my list.  Ride in Colorado, so classic NW riding would be nice ( Ferns, thick trees, loam, etc...)
Gdb49   on Jul 11, 2015
added a review of Colorado Trail: Green Mountain

Another classic section of the Co Trail. Definetly beginner friendly from a tech stand point, it will be the the...
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