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Gdb49   on Jul 11, 2015
added a review of Colorado Trail: Green Mountain

Another classic section of the Co Trail. Definetly beginner friendly from a tech stand point, it will be the the...
Gdb49   on Jun 28, 2015
added a review of Betasso Preserve

Great trail, lots of weekend traffic as you would expect on trail this good on a weekend. Took my daughter,...
Gdb49   on Apr 27, 2015
replied to Curt Gowdy
Anybody have an update on trail conditions at Curt Gowdy or Glendo? Before I drive 3-4 hours. Thanks.
Gdb49   on Apr 26, 2015
replied to Colorado trip
Can't argue with any of stumpyfer's recommendations, but only 4 days you'll barely touch the Fruita/Grand Junction area and not...
Gdb49   on Mar 11, 2015
added a comment on Video: Top 10 Mountain Bike Innovations
Great list, really well thought out. Other great innovations out there, but not sure any that would replace something on...
Gdb49   on Feb 3, 2015
replied to New Bike Brake Rub
First, make sure your rotor is centered. If it is and you have compressed your pistons back in and it...
Gdb49   on Jan 18, 2015
replied to 2015 Montana Enduro Series
John, what is the Colorado Springs endure series?
Gdb49   on Jan 10, 2015
added a comment on In Praise of the Noob
Powerful artical, brought back memories of those exciting times! Wasn't that long ago for me, been riding for just over...
Gdb49   on Dec 26, 2014
added a comment on Best Trails for Winter Mountain Biking in Colorado
Have to add Canon City- Oil Well Flats, now that they have finished the trails. Gets very little snow and...
Gdb49   on Dec 23, 2014
added a comment on 10 Trails You Like More than Me
John, I have ridden several of these trails and I'm not sure if I agree, but your comment about the...
Gdb49   on Dec 14, 2014
added a review of Oil Well Flats

They opened Anticline, this adds a couple extra very good miles to an already great spot.
Gdb49   on Nov 30, 2014
replied to Butcher tires
Looking to try a new tire, any thoughts on the Butcher All Mountain tire? Want something aggressive that can take...
There are timers for garden hoses- used for temporary sprinklers. Not sure about one minute shutoffs, but turn it off...
Gdb49   on Nov 21, 2014
added a review of Oil Well Flats

Rode this trail before it was complete and thought it was great, it is even better now. Clear up the...
Gdb49   on Nov 19, 2014
replied to Oil Well Flats
Going to be in Canon City tomorrow, Thursday, if anyone wants to ride Oil Well Flats. Shoot me a message....
Gdb49   on Nov 14, 2014
added a comment on Video: Lycra VS Baggies: Which kit is faster?
It is for me!

Rode this from S Platte to the resting area at top of Waterton. Over 3600' of elevation gain. This is...
Shoot me a private message with your number and I'll walk you through it. This shouldn't be a big problem...
Insurance companies do this all the time, you need to get firm with them. You do not need a receipt...
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And, go see a doctor and send them the bill!!!!
Gdb49   on Oct 21, 2014
added a review of Bicycle Village

Don't shop the Denver store, but can tell you the guys at the Colorado Springs store are very nice and...
Gdb49   on Oct 12, 2014
replied to Another vs topic
Mountain biking is a drug, so if you get addicted you will need to upgrade all of these components. So...
Gdb49   on Oct 7, 2014
added a review of Switchgrass

First off I gave it 5 stars, so any criticism is for the next traveler to have an even better...
Gdb49   on Aug 26, 2014
replied to Howling Avid Elixir XO rear Brake
Or buy Shimanos This. I gave up having to do so much work between every ride to keep them quite and broke...
Gdb49   on Aug 18, 2014
added 2 photos.
Chair Rocks
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Gdb49   on Aug 18, 2014
added 3 photos.
Chair Rocks, Co.
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Gdb49   on Aug 18, 2014
added a review of Chair Rocks

My wife just started riding, so we have been searching out the best beginer trails on the Front Range- AND...
Gdb49   on Aug 9, 2014
added a review of North Catamount Reservoir

Was surprised by how much I enjoyed this trail, after reading the reviews thought it was going to be a...
Gdb49   on Aug 8, 2014
replied to Road Trip
Right, off-road riding in US National Parks is extremely limited, though it's slowly starting to open up a bit. I...
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Gdb49   on Aug 8, 2014
replied to Road Trip
Wow, great list and very thoughtful! Might add Curt Gowdy, think it might be closer than Buff Creek when you...
Gdb49   on Aug 7, 2014
replied to Road Trip
We really want to hope around and see the National Parks. Do you know if they allow riding there? How...
Gdb49   on Aug 7, 2014
replied to Road Trip
Time for another spontaneous road trip... Decided to go on a road trip yesterday to Colorado for some riding. Was going...
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Heh, what exactly is a "defective mountain bike trail"? How the heck does a trail become defective? A trail is...
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