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Zoom into topo maps for the ultimate details - terrain, trails, roads, landmarks. Choose from multiple topo background options like USGS scanned, Open Cycle, satellite topo, and USGS topo. Get recommended routes (select trails) that include complete maps of entire trail systems, race courses, or locals' favorite trail linkages.

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Print or Download

Print a PDF map with elevation profile. Or download GPX or KML-formatted GPS data onto your device to take with you on the trail. View a sample map here.

Mobile Access

Navigate the trail on your smartphone with the Singletracks iPhone or Android app. Topo maps are even accessible offline. Track your ride (beta) allows you to plot, save, share your ride, and sync it to your ride log.


Upgrade to a Singletracks Pro Membership for $2.08/mo.

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Pro Membership Features

  • Unlimited access to 6,500 topo maps.
  • Recommended routes and elevation profiles for 3,600 trails.
  • Membership unlocks topo maps in the free Singletracks iPhone and Android apps.
  • Download GPX or KML routes for select trails
    • Follow tracks on Garmin, Magellan, and other devices.
    • Load and analyze trail routes in programs like Google Earth and TopoFusion.
  • Discount on purchase of 2-year membership.
  • Constantly updated with new trail maps added daily and edits to existing maps.
  • Money back guarantee. If you're not satisfied, we'll refund your membership anytime within 30 days of purchase. Memberships DO NOT auto-renew.
  • Compare the cost of a Singletracks Pro Membership ($24.99 per year) to the cost of a single race registration ($50) or a printed topo map covering a narrow area ($12).
  • Free map access available to any Singletracks member who earns 30 contribution points. For example, members can earn 30 points for uploading 30 photos, reviewing 15 pieces of MTB equipment, or sharing 10 recommended routes.