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I always thought it would be really fun to fat bike on a creek up through the woods. Thanks for...
KC COLLINS   42 minutes ago
added Fuji Traverse 1.7
Stainless steel hybrid bike with lock out front shocks.
hindvik   56 minutes ago
added a review of Bike Stop (Culpeper)

Great bike shop. The guys are great and will help you in anyway they can. Loving my rocky Mountain bikes...
That's a nice varied list. It's also nice that you're "kind of" towards the center of the country which makes...
Great looking list! One cool thing about Cuyuna's relative lack of elevation change was I was able to ride almost all...
Indlyss   1 hour ago
added a review of Boneshaker Cycles

Loving my Norco Killer B, cant wait to get on the 'B'!!! Great shop!
I read another article that stated almost the same thing. That is the only reason I kept my 26" bike....
Greg Heil   1 hour ago
commented on a photo of Arkansas Hills
Mmm I can't wait for to have dry dirt back in Salida!
Indlyss   1 hour ago
added a photo of Norco Killer B
Indlyss   1 hour ago
added Norco Killer B
A great place to start!
Scott Anderson   2 hours ago
commented on a photo of Arkansas Hills
No. Salida, CO
Copper Harbor trails are awesome, but it's the surrounding geography that makes it such an epic experience. Cuyuna is pretty...
Hey John, I am located in Bemidji, MN, hopefully I run into you when you are in town! We have a...
Movil is pretty fun for a small local system. The new skills pit adds a bit of variety, and if...
Thank you, John: this is an actual, real debate that we had when choosing the radius, and one of the...
Nice list! I have a bunch of trails on my own list right in and around Central Colorado, but I...
Thanks, Jeff CAMBA is also on the longer wish list. It should be easy to pick it up on the way...
"I only need a shred of an excuse to shred that trail again…" :-) that's why it's so high on my...
I'll definitely do that if I make it up there! Thanks again.
Jerry, Thanks. Time permitting, Piedmont would be on the wish list. That Movil Maze ride looks interesting as well.
Additional note: I hope to have time to hit Five Points as well. That looks like a great trail and...
Michael, Thanks for the invite and the tips on Colwater. Oak Mountain is also on the longer wish list and it...