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Andrew5601   10 minutes ago
replied to How do I know what trail to ride?
When I take the kids I usually just go for the easy trails listed on the reviews.
Andrew5601   8 minutes ago
replied to Riding partner
I used to have the same problem. I started talking to people at work about mountain biking and eventually some...
jimcummings   4 hours ago
added a review of Dusky Trail

This trail takes you gently into the foothills of the Southern Alps. At the top there are expansive views back...
jimcummings   4 hours ago
added a map of Dusky Trail
jimcummings   4 hours ago
added 7 photos.
jimcummings   4 hours ago
added Dusky Trail
The Dusky Trail is a pleasant back country ride, partly on singletrack and partly on four wheel drive track. Generally,...

Suuuuper fun. I did the green loop and enjoyed it. Next time I want to do the red loop! A...
ajmaxey   4 hours ago
added a review of The Dump

Super fun and tight trail! It takes only an hour to do (4.2 miles) and it winds and bends over...
ajmaxey   5 hours ago
added a review of Womble

Fast downhills and a few creek crossings which is fun. Very scenic! However, the day I went was apparently after...
scabbydog   8 hours ago
added a review of Big Creek

What a jem, I stopped off at this trail system on my way back from the Dahlonega area. The freeride...
scabbydog   7 hours ago
added a review of Graham Swamp

Love this trail, it flows great, and there are some nice drops and jumps. Its main drawback is the sugar...
Aaron Nightingale   8 hours ago
added Camp Trail
Forest Trail #476 (Camp Trail) is 5.4 miles long. It has 2600 ft of climbing. It's a steady climb all...

I had a great time riding this trail system. The trails were very well designed and groomed. Lots of twisty...
5goodyz   9 hours ago
added a review of mountain bay trail

Very beautiful trail system starting in Howard. I rode to Zachow, overall it was well maintained but no elevation or...

I do like this trail I give it a 3 star because its not real long. It is nice single...
Aaron Nightingale   7 hours ago
added a review of Camp Trail

This is my favorite trail in the area. It took me about 2 hrs to make it to the top...
eaglehawk101   9 hours ago
added a photo of Bikeland Barrie
Testing out the electric-assist Norco Bigfoot fattie. Love the trademark big yellow bike on the lawn!

Fantastic customer service by people who love biking.
Sam Gottesman   10 hours ago
answered a question about Wissahickon Valley Park
There are a number of trailheads along the entire length of the park. One good one is if you park...
Jt wigum   11 hours ago
added a review of Spirit Mountain

First experience with downhill. Was a lot of fun. Diffently chalenging. Both my buddy and crashed a few times. Best...
Jt wigum   10 hours ago
added a review of Cuyuna Lakes

Great ride. Love the trail markings and named rUns. Great flow on downhills as well as fun challenging climbs. Great...