This trail - or section of the Colorado trail - from Rolling Pass to the intersection of White Creek - is probably the most pristine, heavenly ribbon of single track I've every placed a tire on. There's not one thing that makes it such a trail, (or like Old Spice: 2 things) - its a formula made up of the unique valley it descends in to, the stunning weather we had, the light and colors from this time of year, and the work it took to get up there. Of course, the trail itself was pretty stellar - mostly a crushed gravel surface that rolled easy, a comfortable downwards pitch that let you cruise fast enough to be thankful of health insurance, and it had switchbacks, tricky rocks, drops, and twisty turns as well... If you ever find yourself in the area, this is a must ride for sure. Rider: John Cohen


FattyHeadshok on May 29, 2015
Looks absolutely gorgeous. It's where I'd like to right now.
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