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mongwolf   27 minutes ago
added a review of Bayanzurkh Mountain West

This is a barren mountain with lots of tracks running through it. It is flanked by the Tuul River on...
Kevin Krill   42 minutes ago
added Felt Felt 29er Townie
its cool
mongwolf   44 minutes ago
added Bayanzurkh Mountain West
The western half the range is about 50 to 60 square kilometers and has at least 30km of trail. Much...
Kevin Krill   48 minutes ago
added 9 photos.
My bike
I made a last minute decision to do this event and I am glad I did. It was a really...
KuhlmanAZ   1 hour ago
added a review of Mount Dora Trail

Wow what a fun trail. I am from AZ and not used to riding in dense forest and dodging trees!...
schwim   1 hour ago
replied to Winter Womble
It made me want to go out and ride, which I'd say was the sign of a good clip. Well...
Man, you did a fantastic job on that bike. You're going to have a blast on it!
Endo Alley   1 hour ago
added a comment on Mountain Bikers Attacked by Dogs
I have come in contact with Great Pyrenees many times while biking. They are beautiful dogs, but really badass. I...

i love it, great traction, and i push it. no problems yet. paird with the butcher
I'm going to stay out of the debate of specific rankings. I think if you just look at the top...
I just started reading Jeff's article. Wow, when you consider that Breck includes Leadville due to adjacency issues, then I...
Plus there are far less bugs and humidity in the West. GA made a nice showing in the top 50...
I think it is interesting how the western US dominates the listing, and I agree with that. The Midwest and...
Greg, it looks like you are styling with Salida, CB, Breck, and Buff Creek all within about 1.5 hours of...
I like watching his videos.
FinishSTRONG7   9 hours ago
added a review of Hall Ranch

First off, a nine mile ride with two prominent trails is not a 'system'. Buffalo Creek, North Cheyenne Canon, and...
cycling8r   10 hours ago
added a review of Bionicon B-Ring OVAL

I was most impressed on the trail by the way the B-Ring OVAL seemingly kept tension on the chain through...
cycling8r   10 hours ago
added a photo of Bionicon B-Ring OVAL