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WTB Debuts New 35mm ASYM Rims, Riddler Semi-slick Tire, and SL8 Saddle
posted Apr 24, 2015 by Aaron Chamberlain
[caption id="attachment_60668" align="alignnone" width="1170"] The beefy Bridger, a new 27.5x3.00 tire from WTB[/caption] A visit to the WTB booth at Sea Otter revealed a company that's been hard at work developing new products. If you didn't see our coverage of the 27.5x3.00 Bridger tire, you can check...
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Review: VEE Tire Co. Trax Fatty 27.5+ Mountain Bike Tire
posted Apr 22, 2015 by Jeff Barber
Plus-size wheels and tires are a hot topic in the mountain bike industry, and while there's no clear consensus on where all this is heading, I'm personally interested in seeing 27.5+ conversions for regular old 29ers. So I was stoked to get my hands on a...
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Review: Mavic Crossmax XL WTS 27.5 Wheels and Crossmax Quest 27.5 Tires
posted Mar 12, 2015 by Greg Heil
After spending summer 2014 shredding on a set of wheels that--while they survived and did the job--were less than ideal, I wanted to install a pair of hoops that would take my endless abuse in style. While I could probably get away with running my previous...
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Review: 45NRTH 26x4.0 Vanhelga Fat Bike Tires
posted Mar 1, 2015 by Syd Patricio
The folks at 45NRTH live and breath cold weather riding and are focused on keeping us comfortable and safe when riding in the winter. 45NRTH focuses heavily on tires, gloves, footwear, and other cold-weather accessories. I've recently had the pleasure of pedaling snow on the Vanhelga 26x4.0...
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27.5+ Tires: These Are for Your 29er
posted Feb 24, 2015 by Jeff Barber
At Frostbike I mentioned to Chris from Loose Nuts Cycles that I didn't get why companies were producing 27.5+ mountain bike tires given the dearth of production 27.5+ bike frames. His response: 27.5+ tires are for your 29er. At that moment scales fell from my eyes...
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New Front and Rear-Specific Fat Bike Tires from 45NRTH
posted Feb 24, 2015 by Jeff Barber
[caption id="attachment_56698" align="alignnone" width="800"] Flowbeist (front) left, Dunderbeist (rear) right.[/caption] 45NRTH showed off their latest fat bike tires at Frostbike this past weekend, the Flowbeist and Dunderbeist, and what's interesting about these two is that they're front- and rear-specific fat bike tires that are optimized for riding...
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Review: Nokian Extreme 294 Studded Tires: Winter Riding Without the Fat Bike Price?
posted Feb 19, 2015 by Alec Cervenka
[caption id="attachment_56272" align="alignnone" width="1000"] Can these skinny tires make winter riding possible?[/caption] Way up north in Alaska, were experiencing whats considered a mild" winter, meaning that temperatures are hovering around 10 Fahrenheit and this snow is less than 11 inches deep. This is in contrast to the...
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Review: Continental Mountain King Tires: Black Chili Protection Series
posted Feb 10, 2015 by Syd Patricio
The Mountain King is best described as an all conditions tire. Featuring an open design and an alternating pattern, this tire self-cleans while it rolls. Alternating intermediate knobs and aggressive cornering knobs work hard under braking and cornering. Inside the tire it gets interesting. The ProTection carcass...
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Review: Schwalbe Hans Dampf 27.5 Tires
posted Nov 23, 2014 by Syd Patricio
I was on the lookout for a new pair of tires for my Santa Cruz Bronson. I wanted the tire to provide lower rolling resistance than what I currently had, and it needed to work well from hardpack to loam. Since I respect the trails and...
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Review: Maxxis High Roller II 2.3" and Ardent 2.25" 29er Combination
posted Oct 6, 2014 by Greg Heil
When I received the Niner RIP 9 RDO for review, the stock tires just weren't cutting it: they didnt want to hook up in the slightly-sandy loose-over-hardpack high desert trail conditions around my hometown of Salida. Since I wanted to give the bike a fair shake,...
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Schwalbe Procore Dual-Chambered MTB Tire and Updated Nobby Nics
posted Oct 1, 2014 by Jim Hodgson
Schwalbe's Procore system is a dual-chambered tire intended for maximum effort downhill and enduro applications. The dual chambers mean you can run 20psi in the outer chamber for maximum performance, without fear of the tire burping or getting snake bites. Unless an actual snake tries to...
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10 New Fat Bike Tires at Interbike 2014
posted Sep 24, 2014 by Greg Heil
Gone are the days when the only way you could get a fat bike tire was by giving Surly a call. At Interbike 2014, it seemed like every mountain bike tire manufacturer had at least one fat bike tire on display. We did our best to...
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The Latest Mountain Bike Tires from Maxxis: Pace, Tread Lite, Griffin, Chronicle, and Mammoth
posted Sep 17, 2014 by Jeff Barber
In case you hadn't noticed, mountain bike tires are getting wider (some say fatter, but I think that's rude) and tubeless-ready designs are taking over. Check out the latest tires from Maxxis we previewed at Interbike last week. The Maxxis Pace is a new XC tire that...
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Review: WTB Vigilante 27.5 Tires
posted Sep 7, 2014 by Corey Maddocks
There has been a lot of recent product development in the area of bike components that are tough enough for downhill, but light enough to pedal back up, and the Vigilante 27.5 Tire from WTB is a member of this new breed of parts. The Vigilantes are...
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Review: Origin8 Devist-8er Ultralight Fat Bike Tire
posted Apr 28, 2014 by Greg Heil
I was extremely underwhelmed with the stock tires that came on my Bike Nashbar Big Ol' Fat Bike, so I emailed Origin8 to see if I could test out some of their new Devist-8er Ultralight tires... and I'm so glad I did! Specs The Devist-8er Ultralight (UL) tires...
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Review: Kenda Nevegal X Pro 29er Tires
posted Feb 10, 2014 by Greg Heil
The Kenda Nevegal has been a mountain bike tire mainstay for many years. However, while the traction the Nevegal offers is unquestionably superb, many have mockingly dubbed it the "Nevergo" due to its high rolling resistance. The new Nevegal X Pro tire seeks to solve that issue,...
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Review: Maxxis Ikon: A Racing Tire With Bite
posted Jan 23, 2014 by Jeff Barber
Maxxis bills the Ikon as a lightweight race tire that excels in all trail conditions, though that's not what initially drew me to the Ikon. This is a fast-roller, AND it's offered in a 29x2.35in configuration, which makes it one of the beefier XC tires on...
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Review: Orange Seal Tubeless Kit
posted Sep 16, 2013 by Corey Maddocks
With a number of commercially-available tire sealant products on the market and a whole host of "home brew" solutions on the internet, it can be a daunting task to find what works and what doesn't when it comes to tubeless tires. One such home brew solution...
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Trip Report: Park City, Utah - Part I
posted Sep 13, 2013 by Julie Hughey
Instead of taking a road trip to a variety of western locales this year, we decided to drive straight to Park City, Utah and stay there for an entire week. Our whole reason for choosing Park City (aside from my better half's familiarity with the area)...
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Review: Michelin Wild Grip'R Tires
posted Aug 7, 2013 by Syd Patricio
Michelin is pushing the boundaries with its new Wild series of tire rubber, so I had to test it out personally. Wild Grip'R Specs For this review, I opted for the 26x2.35in Wild Grip'R 2 Advanced tubeless-ready reinforced tires. Tire weights come in at +/- 950 grams for...
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Review: Michelin Wild Race'r Tires
posted Jul 14, 2013 by Corey Maddocks
When the Shimano XT wheelset that I currently have in for review showed up in the mail, it came with a pair of Michelin tubeless-ready Wild Race'r tires. I had assumed these were just a nice add-on to help me get out on the wheels quicker,...
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Kenda Slant Six 2.35 UST Tire Review
posted Jan 23, 2013 by Syd Patricio
Riding my new Santa Cruz Nomad Carbon on stock tires left me with a desire for a tire with less rolling resistance and better cornering and climbing capabilities. When I had the chance to review a new tire from Kenda, the Slant Six came immediately to...
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Kenda Happy Medium MTB Tire Review
posted Dec 5, 2012 by jeff
Choosing a mountain bike tire is all about tradeoffs: More traction means greater rolling resistance. Stickier rubber isn't as durable. Hardpack tires get bogged down in wet conditions. If it were even possible to find a "happy medium," would anyone want to ride it? Kenda thinks...
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WTB Nano Race 29er 2.1" Tire Review
posted Dec 23, 2011 by Greg Heil
Specs The WTB Nano Race 29er 2.1" tire features an Aramid bead, DNA rubber, and a lightweight casing. The Aramid bead and lightweight casing definitely help drop weight, and at only 560 grams this tire is light and fast and definitely intended for use as an XC...
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Specialized Fast Trak and Ground Control Mountain Bike Tire Review
posted Nov 14, 2011 by dgaddis
Imagine my surprise when when a local bike shop employee sent me an e-mail informing me their Specialized sales rep had left a pair of new Specialized 29er tires for me to review. Sweet! I went to pick them up and was stoked to see the...
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Mountain Biking Mont Sainte Anne & Quebec City
posted Sep 30, 2011 by mudhunny
Qubec is famous in the mountain bike world for hosting the challenging UCI World Cup Downhill race at Mont Sainte Anne, a ski resort just 40km - about a 30 minute drive - from Qubec City. I had just one afternoon to spend at Mont Sainte...
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Schwalbe Big Betty and Muddy Mary MTB Tire Review
posted Sep 29, 2011 by Syd Patricio
Nearly all of my MTB wheelsets are UST so I've been searching for good downhill tires I can run tubeless. Recently the good folks at Schwalbe sent over Big Betty and Muddy Mary tires to put to the test. In the past I've had great results...
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ITS Invader 2.5" MTB Tire Review
posted Jun 28, 2011 by Syd Patricio
I've been running ITS (Intense) tires for a while now and this season I'm rockin' the ITS Invaders on my DH rig. The Invader was originally simply called the DH tire, and for good reason too. At 1300 grams and a full 2.5 inches wide these...
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Tech How-To: Ghetto Tubeless for Mountain Bikes
posted May 23, 2011 by dgaddis
A little while ago I posted an article on Tubeless MTB tires. In it, I briefly mentioned a DIY method for going tubeless: the 'ghetto' method. As it turns out, there are two different ghetto methods people seem to be using. One involves using a tube...
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The Best Tires for Mountain Biking the Southwest & Rockies
posted May 5, 2011 by Corey Maddocks
Here in the Rocky Mountains we don't really have mud to deal with and serious roots exist only on some specific, high altitude trails. Most of our trails are rocky, sandy, hardpack, or all of the above. Almost any brand name mountain bike tire suited to...
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WTB Bronson 2.3" AM Tire Review
posted Apr 29, 2011 by Greg Heil
The WTB Bronson 2.3" AM tires are ready for action in a variety of terrain. Weighing in at 810 grams, these tires feature a large number of relatively small, low-profile knobs along the center of the tire with prominent knobs along the edges for aggressive cornering....
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Geax AKA XC Mountain Bike Tire Review
posted Apr 25, 2011 by Corey Maddocks
For the last five years I've been riding WTB Velociraptor tires on my mountain bike because they're inexpensive and have the traction and durability of a tractor tire. Unfortunately they also have the weight and rolling resistance of a tractor tire. After riding in my first...
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Tubeless Mountain Biking Guide
posted Apr 6, 2011 by dgaddis
We get a lot of questions about tubeless mountain bike tires here on Singletracks, so I thought it was time to put together a tubeless guide. I'm not going to get into specific brands and components, but instead give you an overview of the various systems...
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Specialized "The Captain" Control MTB Tire Review
posted Jan 27, 2011 by dgaddis
I've been on the lookout for a new rear tire for my single speed for a while now. For the last 2+ years I've been running Kenda's Small Block 8s (aka SB8) on both my older, full suspension 26" bike and my newer, rigid SS 29er....
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WTB Dissent 2.5 DH Mountain Bike Tire Review
posted Jan 12, 2011 by Bob_the_Builder
The Dissent 2.5 mountain bike tire from WTB is a beefy DH/FR-specific tire that's built tough to withstand the gnarliest conditions. The 2010 model I tested features wider tread block spacing than previous generations in an effort to improve performance in moist, wet, and loose conditions...
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Mountain Bike Tire Buyers Guide
posted Dec 15, 2010 by jeff
When it comes to mountain bike tires, there are a ton of choices out there (there are nearly 300 different models listed on singletracks alone). But how to decide which tires are best? Luckily slapping new skins on your wheels is an easy upgrade - just...
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Schwalbe Fat Albert MTB Tire Review
posted Jul 16, 2010 by Syd Patricio
Over the past few years Schwalbe has been gaining momentum, producing some great mountain bike tires like the Nobby Nic. I recently had a chance to test the 2010 Fat Albert 26 x 2.40 Evo Snakeskin Triple Nano (one of 7 Fat Albert flavors) and at...
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Schwalbe Nobby Nic 29er Tire Review
posted Jul 6, 2010 by jeff
The 2010 Nobby Nic mountain bike tire from Schwalbe offers big performance gains over previous versions which is impressive given this tire's venerable and award-winning history. Through several evolutionary changes, engineers were able to improve rolling resistance 15% while slashing 30g from the weight - and...
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WTB Wolverine 29er Tire Review
posted Jun 9, 2010 by soezgg
The Wolverine 29 is a relatively new addition to WTBs big tire lineup. Marketed as an all conditions XC race tire, the Wolverine is meant to handle just about anything you come across on the trail. Based on that assumption, it seems like a good option...
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Kenda Excavator MTB Tire Review
posted Jun 4, 2010 by RunandBike0519
Do you like to go fast on your bike? Of course you do - me too. The low rolling resistance Excavator tire from Kenda is a sure fire hit for those who race XC and are looking to maintain decent traction in the looser stuff. At first...
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Two Tires from WTB: Mutano 2.4 TCS and Weirwolf 2.3 TCS
posted Jun 1, 2010 by Syd Patricio
At this point in the season you've probably hit the trails half a dozen of times and might be realizing that your rubber isn't as good as you remembered it. Well, if you're an AM or technical XC rider, I have two tires for you -...
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Two DH Tires from ITS: The 909 & Intruder
posted Apr 15, 2010 by Syd Patricio
If you're into running the slopes with your DH / FR bike or want a bullet proof tire for you AM bike, check out the 909 and the Intruder from Intense Tyre Systems. These are two tires with one purpose, each built for slightly different trail...
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Intense Tires MK2 Review
posted Mar 22, 2010 by Syd Patricio
Intense Tires has gone and done it again, improving an already stellar design with the MK2 (previously known as the Micro Knobby). The MK2 sports all the great virtues of the Micro Knobby tire and cranks things up a notch. For starters, the new MK2 is designed...
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Maxxis CrossMark 29er Tire Review
posted Feb 1, 2010 by jeff
In mountain biking there are very few "classic" designs that haven't been torn to shreds over the years as tech advances to produce bigger and better MTB components. Sometimes, though, designers and engineers hit upon a design so effective that it withstands the test of time...
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Maxxis Aspen 26x2.25 MTB Tire Review
posted Jan 19, 2010 by Syd Patricio
Here is an exciting new tire for those of you who are inspired by going really fast on your XC bike. The Maxxis Aspen 26x2.25 (also available in 26x2.10) is new to the Maxxis XC tire line-up and is a high volume, fast rolling tire that...
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Maxxis High Roller UST 2.5 Tire Review
posted Dec 9, 2009 by Syd Patricio
If a picture is worth a thousand words, what does this one tell you? Clearly there must be guide wires holding this rider up. Actually there are just two forces at play here: centrifugal force pushing the rider outward and a counter-reactive force being applied by...
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WTB Vulpine 29er Tire Review
posted Nov 25, 2009 by jeff
I've been riding my 29er for almost a year now and one of the things that was frustrating initially was the lack of component variety available. It was kinda like being a Mac guy in a PC world but thankfully it's getting easier every day to...
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Maxxis Minion DH F/R Tire Review
posted Oct 26, 2009 by Syd Patricio
I'm sure many of you already read my review of the Maxxis Ardents - if you havent what are you waiting for? OK, now that we're all up to speed, I have another great set of tires from Maxxis that are perfect for those who dont...
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Maxxis Ardent 2.4 MTB Tire Review
posted Oct 9, 2009 by Syd Patricio
Maxxis is a name in MTB tires that needs no introduction. The company has been around for over 40 years producing high quality tires for almost everything that rolls, especially mountain bikes. This time around I tested the Maxxis Ardent 2.4 (MSRP about $50) which is...
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ITS System 4 and 5 MTB Tire Reviews
posted Oct 2, 2009 by Syd Patricio
XC riders looking for a versatile tire for the fall riding season, listen up! I recently tested two of the five sets of XC tires from Intense Tire Systems (ITS) in a variety of conditions and I'm finally ready to share the results. I chose the...
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WTB Stout 2.3 Tire Review
posted Sep 14, 2009 by Syd Patricio
The next tire in the WTB series that I'll be testing is the ground-ripping Stout 2.3. This tire is meant for nasty, gnarly terrain! With its wide offset spacing center tread pattern and aggressive corner knobs, this tire performs best on loose trail surfaces. The Stout...
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ITS Edge 2.3 MTB Tire Review
posted Sep 9, 2009 by Syd Patricio
ITS - or as most people know them, Intense Tire System - recently debuted new tire updates for 2010. The 2010 Edge EXDX comes in two flavors once again - a 1-ply for all-mountain riding and a 2-ply for DH /FR. I got a chance to...
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WTB Prowler MX Tire Review
posted Aug 28, 2009 by Syd Patricio
If you're in the hunt for a great All Mountain bike tire at a decent price, look no further than the Prowler MX from WTB ($50 MSRP). Aggressive, talon-like knobs will help you navigate the trail like a jungle cat so you can catch even the...
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Schwalbe Wicked Will MTB Tire Review
posted Aug 3, 2009 by Syd Patricio
This review is for those who spend all their time pointing their bikes down hill; for those who live for the double diamond; and for anyone who is confident at the sight of mega gnarly rock strewn terrain. Yeah, that's right, this is for the crazy...
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Kenda Small Block Eight Tire Review
posted Jul 21, 2009 by Syd Patricio
Faster than a speeding bullet, able to leap over rocks and tree branches, and more powerful than your two legs can handle! Kenda's stable of tires are famous for superhero-like performance and the Small Block Eight tires (MSRP $47.99) are no exception. These tires are super...
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Intense Micro Knobby Review
posted Mar 10, 2009 by Syd Patricio
The cold, wet winter days in Ontario could not keep me from testing out the Intense Micro Knobby tires. The intended use for these tires are for riding trails, skate parks, cross country trails, soft dirt hard packed dirt or on the street. I found the...
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Kenda Dred Tread MTB tire review
posted Jan 29, 2009 by Jeff Barber
After recently discovering that my semi-slick tires were hopelessly full of dry rot (see photo - not for the squeamish!) I started looking around for a good set of mountain bike tires with low rolling resistance. Luckily I found the Tinker Juarez Signature Series "Dred Tread"...
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Kenda El Moco MTB Tire Review
posted Jan 23, 2009 by 2leftfeet
The El Moco MTB tire from Kenda looks like the offspring of a dirty 3-way composed of a WTB Weirwolf, a Michelin Mud Cyclocross Tire and the venerable Panaracer Smoke. The El Moco incorporates Kenda's DTC (Dual Tread Compound) technology and the folding 26x2.1 XC racing...
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