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Review: Race Face Atlas Pedals
posted Nov 13, 2014 by Syd Patricio
Race Face sent down their new Atlas flat pedals for testing. These all-new pedals are low profile, with a 14.5-12mm-thick double concave platform, and a 101 x 114mm overall dimension. Coming in at 355 grams, these pedals are comfortable on a trail or DH bike. The Atlases...
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Review: Spank Oozy Trail Flat Pedal
posted Oct 7, 2014 by Erica Barnes
The Oozy Trail Flat Pedal is the newest member of the Spank family of pedals. Quite like the youngest kid of any family, it often gets compared to the older sibling and receives a few hand-me-downs. The same is true for the Oozy. Spank set the...
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Interbike 2014: The Latest Components from ANVL and Spank
posted Sep 25, 2014 by Greg Heil
If you haven't heard of ANVL Components before, don't worry: it's a relatively-new company started by the guys at Transition Bikes. However, ANVL wasn't started simply to provide Transition-branded parts for their own bikes; instead, the company was founded because they thought they could make some...
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Review: Mavic Crossmax XL Pedals
posted Jul 10, 2014 by Syd Patricio
Historically known for their wheels, in the past two years Mavic has really has ramped up their production on many other items. One such is the collaborative effort between Time and Mavic: the new Crossmas XL pedal, geared towards the enduro/all-mountain crowd. Specs The Crossmax XL pedal uses...
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Review: Loaded Precision Pedals and Grips
posted Apr 16, 2012 by Syd Patricio
Fresh from Loaded Precision I bring you the new signature pedals and unique-looking AmXc grips! Loaded has made an appearance on a few of my bikes in the past (Banshee Legend and Amp), so when I decided how I wanted my new V-10 C to look I...
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Twenty6 Gear for 2012: Pedals, Stems, and More
posted Nov 2, 2011 by Syd Patricio
Who is Twenty6? I met with owner Tyler Jarosz at Interbikeand, judging by our conversation, he is highly passionate about riding and his products definitely reflect that. The company is based in Bozeman, Montana, surrounded by some of the best biking in the country which clearly...
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Free Shuttle Bus = Free Vertical! Mountain Biking in Crested Butte, CO
posted Nov 1, 2011 by Greg Heil
As the morning sunlight of our last day crested the mountain peaks near our campground outside of Crested Butte, CO, we knew that there were a ton of trails that we still wanted to ride, and that there was no possible way we could experience them...
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Mountain Biking Pisgah: Bent Creek
posted Oct 27, 2011 by jeff
A couple weeks ago mudhunny and I spent the weekend camping and riding at Bent Creek in Pisgah National Forest just outside Asheville, NC and we had a blast! Although we had ridden other Pisgah trails like Dupont State Forest and Thrift Cove, neither of us...
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Spank Spike Pedals: Reviewed
posted Oct 26, 2011 by Syd Patricio
I did a bit of an introduction to Spank's Spike pedal a while back and since then I've been rocking the Spike pedal on my Banshee DH bike. Today I'm finally ready to share my analysis of these pedals. Technical Specs The Spike pedal, unlike many other pedals...
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Time X-ROC S MTB Pedal Review
posted Aug 30, 2011 by Syd Patricio
Time has come out with a new set of mountain bike pedals for 2011, the X-Roc S, with a stable platform for aggressive riders. The X-Roc is slightly smaller that the Z-Control pedals I tested a couple years ago but that's not to say they're any...
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How to Switch to Clipless Mountain Bike Pedals
posted Feb 15, 2011 by Greg Heil
Now that you know why you should switch to clipless pedals, all you need now are the right pedals and shoes plus a little bit of practice. Clipless Pedals and Shoes First, you need to buy the right gear: a pair of clipless pedals and a pair of...
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Making the Switch to Clipless MTB Pedals
posted Feb 10, 2011 by Greg Heil
For those of you new to the sport of mountain biking, seeing other people ride around with their funky looking shoes clipped in to their odd-shaped pedals may look A) weird or B) like a death wish! Actually, there are a number of very good reasons...
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Xpedo Hurtle 12 Pedal and MXS Mountain Bike Shoe
posted Nov 4, 2010 by Syd Patricio
Over the last few months I have been rocking a few different sets of flat pedals on my mountain bike but here's one that sets itself apart: the Xpedo XMX12AC Hurtle (for simplicity I'll call it the Hurtle 12). This Hurtle 12 is similar in construction...
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Syncros Crux Platform Pedal Review
posted Jun 3, 2010 by Bob_the_Builder
The Syncros Crux pedals are intended for downhill, freeride, 4x, trials, BMX racing, and dirt jump applications. If youre into any of that stuff and are looking for a pedal with unparalleled grip, look no further. Syncros uses a high quality, 6061 aluminum alloy for the pedal...
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How to Choose the Best Mountain Bike Pedals
posted Apr 22, 2010 by jeff
For our second mountain bike buyers guide, we're gonna fill you in on some tips for choosing the best mountain bike pedals. Whether you're a mountain bike beginner looking to upgrade your entry-level bike or an old pro looking for the best pedals for the money,...
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Xpedo MF-6 Mountain Bike Pedal Review
posted Apr 14, 2010 by jeff
Back in February element22 reviewed two sets of platform pedals from Xpedo and now it's my turn to fill you in on the company's cross-country offerings. I've been riding the Xpedo MF-6 Ti/Al mountain bike pedal which is a lightweight, highly adjustable pedal with smooth-as-silk bearings...
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Xpedo Face Off and Utmost Platform Pedals Reviewed
posted Feb 25, 2010 by Syd Patricio
I recently had the chance to review two cool-looking platform pedals from Xpedo: the Face Off XMX17AC and the Utmost XMX16AC. Both are sub-400g pedals and feature chromoly spindles and DU/cartridge combination bearings. At this point you may be wondering - who is Xpedo? Well, you...
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Time ATAC XS Mountain Bike Pedal Review
posted Jan 8, 2010 by jeff
Ever since I started riding with clipless mountain bike pedals I've stuck with the basic Shimano pedal system. Sure, over the years I've upgraded pedals and tried other Shimano-compatible brands but I've always been a little hesitant to try a completely new system because I falsely...
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Answer's Fall Line DH Grips and Rove FR Pedals
posted Nov 23, 2009 by Syd Patricio
Answer is a name that has been under the radar for a little while but they're back again with an all new product line up. Here are two Answer products that I'm sure will pique your interest: The Fall Line DH Grip ($30 MSRP) and the...
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Time Z-Control MTB Pedal Review
posted Nov 5, 2009 by Syd Patricio
Back in September I got a chance to preview MTB pedals and shoes from Time and I was curious to see how they performed on the trail. The Time Z-Control pedals ($125 MSRP) are designed for freeride/DH/BMX and are so named for their Z-shaped side profile....
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