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Greg Heil   9 minutes ago
added a review of Road #201.C

This is a ripping descent down from the Rainbow Trail to Otto Mears Toll Road. Just a 4x4 road, but...
Guest   16 minutes ago
added a review of Somers Mountain

By far the best riding around! You can ride here all day and not hit the same trail twice, careful...
Guest   43 minutes ago
added a review of Dry Creek Trail

Not a bad trail but kind of hard to follow. It's kind of make-shift.

Great trail system, by far one of the best in East TN. I like to ride it backwards from the...
levelwings   1 hour ago
added a review of Lewis Morris

Clean trails. Lots to choose from. Not much traffic.
boxx620   1 hour ago
added a review of Timber Lake

Fun trails! I can't believe a place as flat as Florida has trails this good. I thought it was going...

Corners like its on tracks comfy to ride and can handle pretty much what ever you toss at it
greenielivz   2 hours ago
added a review of Lake Fairfax

Great trail, lots of fun interesting trails that overlap. Will head back again soon and do more exploring.
MtBen   2 hours ago
added Leona
Crazy, hidden trail in Oakland Hills. The climb is a fire road (see directions). You could also hitch a ride...
MtBen   2 hours ago
added 2 photos.
Handlebars map, 30-45 mins and hit all the landmark trails.

Very fun trail. Mostly flat, some moderate but very short climbs. Took my single speed and completed the 10 mile...

Very fun, lots of climbing. Go with someone who knows the way.

Just go and get lost in Chabot, enjoy the outdoors and get a workout. Pack some snacks and plenty of...
MtBen   1 hour ago
added a review of Redwood Regional Park

Fresh air and fire roads. Nice being in nature but you're not going to find anything too extreme. Joaquin Miller...
MtBen   1 hour ago
added a review of Camp Tamarancho

Yes. Then stop in the brewery to freshen up. Downtown Fairfax is like a surfer town for MTB'ers.
MtBen   1 hour ago
added a review of China Camp

While living in Oakland, this was one of my favorite slow rides. If you keep it inside the park, it...
MtBen   2 hours ago
added a review of Joaquin Miller

My favorite trail here is Palos Colorados. Most folks miss it because they zoom right past. It's behind/left of the...
MtBen   2 hours ago
added a review of Stony Creek Metro Park

Moderate climbs, but nothing gut wrenching (unless you are an absolute beginner). The Roller Coaster is a must ride. Finding...
MtBen   2 hours ago
added a review of Clinton River Park

Fun, no climbs. Would be 4 stars but it is so often wet that you can't ride. Do two laps...
Matthew Aires   4 hours ago
added SRAM XG1195 10-42 11Spd
XO-1 XG1195 10-42 11Spd
Raceface Turbine 30T
Matthew Aires   5 hours ago
spec'd a bike: Pivot Mach 429SL Carbon
My bike
Guest   5 hours ago
asked a question about Trek 4500
Do they still make this bike ?