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The 3 Best MTB Road Trips to Take in the US Right Now While Gas Prices Are Low
posted Jan 26, 2015 by Greg Heil
Gas prices in the United States haven't been this low in almost 7 years. Let that sink in for a minute. If you've been thinking about taking a mountain biking road trip but have been putting it off for one reason or another,now is the time to fuel...
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Video: In 1 Minute: How to Straighten Your Handlebars & Tighten Your Headset
posted Jan 26, 2015 by Greg Heil
"How to straighten your handlebars and tighten your headset in 1 minute with No Fuss. Get it right every time."
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Video: Proper Brake and Shifter Setup for One Finger Braking
posted Jan 25, 2015 by Greg Heil
"Proper shift and brake lever setup for One Finger Braking on a mountain bike. Mountain bike better and more in control with these quick and easy steps."
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Video: Getting Rowdy on Hangover in Shredona
posted Jan 25, 2015 by Greg Heil
Hangover Shredona from Tyson Swasey on Vimeo. Last week I wrote an in-depth article about the epic Hangover Trail in Sedona. But photos and words can only impart so much information--check out this short GoPro video for the briefest of tastes of the gnar that can be...
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Granny Gear
Emily J Ward added a review of Thunderbird Lake Clear Bay

Great trail. Lots of climbing with some fun fast downhills. Sandy, but not terrible. Pretty well marked. I only got...
1 minute ago

Granny Gear
fastmvr added 2 photos.

4 minutes ago

Granny Gear
fastmvr added Felt Nine Comp
2012 model
6 minutes ago

Granny Gear
Jacob Voelker added a review of Estrella Mountain Park

The long loop starts off fun and fast but quickly becomes washed out. For about 3-5 miles the trail is...
33 minutes ago

Granny Gear
tcurtis45 added a review of Chair Rocks

Very fun trail. Lots of rolling hills. Will bring all of my flatland friends here to give them a taste....
44 minutes ago

cavermatthew replied to Rear shock bolts
That once happened to me and I was lucky enough to find a regular bolt as a temporary rear shock...
1 hour ago

Granny Gear
Charlie29 added 2 photos.

3 hours ago

Granny Gear
Charlie29 added Trek Farley 8
Bluto fork Sram 1x11 tubeless
3 hours ago

rickard replied to Rear shock bolts
Hi my first post. I have a Sunn Shamann S2 with Rockshox Monarch R, yesterday on a climb with large roots...
6 hours ago

Granny Gear
thegadgetguy added a review of Brown County Park

I rode here last weekend and enjoyed it a lot. There is definitely an extensive network throughout the park, so...
9 hours ago

endobiker added a photo of Trek Fuel 98
My bike
10 hours ago

chuckpelley added Winter Magic Fat Bike Demo Day
On Saturday February 21st from 1pm Various Bike Shops from Hinton & Jasper will be at Maxwell Lake! Come down to...
11 hours ago

ositoking added 5 photos.

11 hours ago

Granny Gear
Michel added a photo of Vélo de la Côte inc.
Vélo de la Côte
11 hours ago

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