MTBing in the heat...

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Re: MTBing in the heat...

Postby Jared13 » Tue Jul 10, 2012 9:04 pm

jtorlando25 wrote:I usually can't ride if it's over 100 and muggy. If it's int he 90s I pre-hydrate and stay hyrdrated while I ride. Cold water feels better but your body can't do anything with it until it heats it up to your body temp for absorbtion. That's why if you chug cold water, you can feel it sloshing around inside your gut. If it's warmer, it is absorbed faster and you don't get that affect.

I've read many debates about the temperature of water for faster absorbtion and don't care to get into a debate today...just stating the "facts" which I believe from the experiences I have had.

I would agree that warm water absorbs faster from both reading about the studies and similar experiences to what you describe, but people shouldn't be chugging while biking (or exercising in general.) Having all that fluid in your stomach isn't a good idea.

I do like cold water for it's cooling properties when it's really hot and humid out. When I lived/worked/played in the desert, I didn't mind warm water/sports drink. My sweat evaporated fairly quickly and keep me cool(ish.) When it's muggy out, it doesn't evaporate as quickly and I like the extra bit of cooling the cold water provides.
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Re: MTBing in the heat...

Postby cubanchurchill » Wed Jul 11, 2012 5:57 am

Here in South GA some days we've gotten up to 115 degrees. I've actually taken my water bottle and marked off 5 oz increments and have my fluid intake a bit more dialed in. I used to just drink what I thought I needed and after doing this I found out I wasn't drinking enough. In hot weather it's recomended a fluid intake of 4-6 oz's every 15 minutes. This amount can actually go up a bit depending upon how hot it is. I stop every 15 minutes and take in 5 oz's of fluid. My water bottle is 25 oz's so I have a ride time of a little over an hour. I also keep a constant state of hydration. I also stopped riding with water and started drinking electrolyte drinks and that made a bid difference for me too. I also consume a sports drink / electrolyte drink 60 minutes before biking and then about 8oz's of water about 15 minutes before starting my ride. With this hydration routine I have for myself I stay hydrated throughout my ride and my body thanks me for it :D

*I hate riding with camel backs unless on a long ride with no loops to refill fluids
* Don't forget about hydration after your ride- very important to keep replacing what you've lost
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Re: MTBing in the heat...

Postby brianW » Sat Jul 14, 2012 6:47 am

Other thing to consider is that during hot rides, besides replacing the water, you must replace the electrolytes (salts) your body sweats out.
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Re: MTBing in the heat...

Postby John Fisch » Tue Jul 17, 2012 9:56 am

I originally bought lights so I could ride in the winter when the days were short, but have found being able to ride after dark during the hottest days works as well.
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Re: MTBing in the heat...

Postby JT Orlando » Tue Jul 17, 2012 11:16 am

The nasty heat got me yesterday. Around mile 4 of a short 6 mile ride, I had to take off my riding gear and just sit in the shade to regain my bearings and clear my head of the blurry vision. Had a full camelbak and was sipping on it the entire ride but it just wasn't enough. Not fun.

Be safe out there guys and gals. I don't know if anybody mentioned it already but also don't forget to pre-hydrate. I usually keep a big bottle of water at my desk during the day but have been slipping lately.
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Re: MTBing in the heat...

Postby rubiksnoob » Sat Aug 04, 2012 10:54 am

Water, water, water! Especially before you go. It helps to always have a water bottle on hand. I've got a liter camelbak bottle that I keep with me at work, in class, at home, all the time. If you're constantly taking in fluids, you'll be well hydrated for when you want to hit the trails.
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Re: MTBing in the heat...

Postby ButchA » Sat Aug 04, 2012 5:43 pm

Believe it or not, I went out today and rode (93°F here in Virginia!). I drove out to Farmville, VA southwest from Richmond, and rode the "High Bridge Trail" over the Appomattox River. It's a very, very, extremely easy, trail. I guess you wouldn't even consider it a MTB trail. It's a totally flat, abandoned railroad bed, that was taken over by the park system and modified to be a hike, bike, and horse trail. I packed 2 bottles of gatorade, a sandwich, and a full water bottle on the bike.

Here is a photobucket slide show that I made showing the trail. I only went from the River Road entrance, over the "High Bridge" down to the Rice, VA entrance, and turned around and came back. Total trip was a little over 9 miles. ... =slideshow

As seen in a few of the photos, I put on one of those rear bag touring racks made by Topeak, so I could carry everything, including my digital camera, wallet, cell phone, keys, etc...etc...

Edit: Here's a link to the High Bridge Trail:
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