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Mountain Biking Durango to Moab: Part IV

Although this is the final trip report, I'll be posting additional articles over the next few weeks covering packing strategies, gear reviews, logistics, and more. For those following the saga of the tire tubes this week here's the spoiler: I made it to Moab with my last spare and a

Affordable Moab: Planning Your Mountain Bike Trip

Any serious mountain biker who hasn't been yet probably has Moab on their wish list. However, most don't realizehow affordable it can be to get there and they never end up going. Right now is the perfect time to plan your trip, and this is the year to use that

My Top Five: The Best Mountain Bike Trails in Moab

Editor's note: It's nearly impossible to ride all the Moab area mountain bike trails in a single trip and fortunately Maddslacker has made enough trips over the years to recommend the best of the best. This article should get you seriously pumped to go to Moab so also be sure

Report From the Field: Outerbike 2011

For most of the country the first week of October is usually knee deep into fall and everyones MTB season is slowly switching gears. If you're in Anchorage, fall has all but landed on the ground and old man winter is charging down that newly cut singletrack like an angry

Dream Ride Week #2: Moab, Utah Part 1

Here is part two of my mountain bike immersion experience from last month. As I posted previously I spent a week in Copper Harbor Michigan for a work retreat and riding extravaganza. Before I left for that trip I had to pack up all my gear for a trip to

Dream Ride Week #2: White Rim Trail

Preface: I spent 9 incredible days of riding in back-to-back exotic (for me) locations famous for their mountain bike trails. Ill lay them out in the manner that makes sense to me with liberal bragging thrown in for good measure. Week 1 was in Copper Harbor, Michigan for a work

I Ate The Whole Enchilada in Moab

As my wife and I travel the nation, stopping at some of the best mountain bike trails in the country between Georgia and California, I just had to spend a couple days riding in Moab, Utah. Having never made the pilgrimage to mountain bike mecca before, I wanted to make the

If You Only Have Two Days to Bike in Moab...

Yes, I know: I desecrated mountain bike mecca by breezing in and out of Moab in just two days. Moab has enough mountain bike trails to fill a month of vacation time and that month would have to be jam-packed with riding seven days a week, sunrise to sunset. Just

About Mountain Biking Moab, UT

The original mountain bikers' mecca, Moab offers a variety of trails you won't find anywhere else. Start planning your trip to see what the hype is about!