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Hitting the Trail at Litespeed: The Sewanee Titanium 650b

I've always been a fan of Litespeed bikes: lightweight, simple, and in many ways, just plain elegant. This week I got a chance to throw a leg over the Sewanee full suspension mountain bike and here's what I learned. For those who aren't familiar with Litespeed, they're a small company based

The Haibike XDuroRX29 Electric Mountain Bike

At Outdoor Demo this week I got a chance to ride the Haibike XDuroRX29 electric (assist) mountain bike on the trails at Bootleg Canyon. This was my first ride off road on an electric mountain bike so I won't be able to draw comparisons with other electric bikes but in

Leatt Brace and Soft Protection at Interbike

The folks at Leatt are relentless. If you're a rider who thinks about safety as much as going fast or making your ride as light as possible, read on.I got a chance to catch up with Phil at Leatt and he filled me in on the latest products. Over the past

Stan's the Man: Tubeless Carbon Rims and Fat Bike Wheel Prototype

I dropped in on Stan's No Tubes at Interbike Wednesday and got a sneak peak at the latest from the company: carbon rims and a new fat bike wheel prototype. Many riders know Stan's for their tubeless conversion kits, rim tape, and tire sealant but the company also sells a line

Interbike 2013: New WTB Tires

WTB attended Interbike's Outdoor Demo, and they had all of their new 2014 tires on display. It's not every day that I can say I'm excited about new tires, but after checking out these new designs from the historically-reliable WTB, I have to say that I amexcited! Brand new for this

Interbike 2013: Bell Helmets

Bell was hanging out at the Outdoor Demo this year and they put on a fantastic show, complete with cold water-relief from a Supersoaker for any rider who rolled by wearing a Bell Helmet, and a free BBQ and beer party in the afternoon. While some booths try to bolster a

Interbike 2013: Bell Helmets

Bell was hanging out at the Outdoor Demo this year and they put on a fantastic show, complete with cold water-relief from a Supersoaker for any rider who rolled by wearing a Bell Helmet, and a free BBQ and beer party in the afternoon. While some booths try to bolster a

The Disappearance of the 26er: Wheel Size Trends at Interbike 2013

Last year we slung a veritable well of virtual ink at the emergence of the 650b/27.5in wheel size. For all of our coverage to date on the 'tweener wheels, check out our 650b (r)Evolution channel. At first, when I showed up to Interbike this year, I thought there would be some

Interbike 2013: New Products from POC

POC is at it again with a visual feast of a booth featuring bold, broad-stroked colors. This year, not too much has come about on the trail and DH side of things as far as helmets are concerned. However, I couldn't help but notice some of the new offerings for

New Shimano XTR Tubular Carbon Wheels

As I was checking out the latest and greatest bikes from Niner, I spotted something entirely new on one of their bikes: Brand-new carbon XTR rims from Shimano! A little digging around reveals that these are a brand-new tubular mountain bike wheel setup. The wheels I spotted were running a Schwalbe Racing

Interbike 2013: New Products from Dakine

Dakine always impresses me. This year, Dakine has embraced some cool new patterns and ideas. A new shirt expands what people want to wear: the Wrench Button Up is pretty far out. I can easily see this as an all day shirt, or something that can be worn in the shop. The

Interbike 2013: New Products from Yeti

Like almost every other company in the mountain bike industry, Yeti is jumping on the 27.5in bandwagon. This year, Yeti has discontinued the 26in wheels in the venerable 575 model and has bumped them up to 27.5in. (Disappearing 26in wheel, anyone?) The 575 features 5.75 inches of suspension (hence the name),

Pit Stop on the Way to Interbike: Horsethief Bench Trail, Fruita, CO

Since my recent relocation to Salida, Colorado, I decided that driving to Interbike this year would be just as easy as driving to the Front Range to hop a plane, get a taxi, etc. And, it would also prove to be a lot more fun The region between Salida and Las

Review: The Specialized Epic Expert is All Business

The Specialized Epic Expert World Cup is built with one purpose in mind: sending XC racers to the podium. This all-business attitude was clear from the moment I approached the Specialized demo tent where the bike check out process seems to come straight off some forgotten military checklist. Enter contact info

Review: Niner Jet 9

The Jet 9 from Niner is a trail-ready 100mm full suspension 29er. Weighing in at one pound more than the carbon-framed Jet 9 RDO, the the aluminum-framed Jet 9 still tips the scales at a respectable ~26lbs with pedals. The four-star build kit (tested) includes a full X0 2x10 drivetrain, X0

Review: Surly Instigator, 26+

The Surly Instigator is Surly's first bike with a suspension fork. And no, as I already inquired, despite the fact that you see there's a Fox fork on this bike, it does notmean that Fox is making a suspension fat bike fork. In actual fact, Surly purposely sought out the fork

Review: Gettin' Surly at Interbike with the Pug Ops

I totally don't need a fat bike where I live but after riding the Surly Pug Ops today I need to find an excuse to get one. Not only are these bikes suitable for postapocalyptic transportation (seriously), they're also fun and surprisingly rideable on the trail. I've test ridden a few

Joe Breeze Talks About the New Repack Mountain Bike, Wheel Sizes, and MTB History

At Interbike last week I got a chance to chat with mountain bike pioneer Joe Breeze about the launch of Breezer's first full suspension mountain bike, the Repack. We covered a lot of ground, and this is part one of our conversation. Part two will focus on some of the

Interbike 2013: New Products from Mavic

Ever wonder what MAVIC really means? Well, it's actually an acronym for Manufacture dArticles Vlocipdiques Idoux et Chanel. That name came about in 1889, which is pretty far back, as you can imagine. Since I'm not one for going too far back in history, fast forward to today and we have

Interbike 2013: New Products from Formula

Although Formula had a booth at Dirt demo, unfortunately they didn't have one at the show. Nevertheless, Jeff and I managed to talk with Jeff Stoudt from Formula, who is truly one of the most stoked guys you can find. We took at look at some of the most interesting

New Helmet Cameras at Interbike: Sony, JVC, GoPro, Garmin, and Rollei

If you think GoPro and Contour are the only players in the helmet camera market, think again. Last week at Interbike we got the 411 on cameras from Sony, JVC, GoPro, Garmin, and Rollei. While all five of these companies put out solid products capable of recording HD video on

Weird and Interesting Finds at Interbike: Portable Floor Pump, Magura Auto Ride Sensor, an IV for Your Mouth, and Others

Interbike is a big, noisy event which makes it really tough to see everything. The biggest companies have the biggest booths and banners but sometimes it pays to watch what the little guys are doing. Here are just a few interesting finds. Blackburn Wayside Hybrid Pump No, this isn't a pump for

ROTOR Elliptical Chainrings

Elliptical chainrings have been around for years and while not everyone agrees about their efficacy, they have shown staying power, albeit for a small subset of riders. ROTOR is a Spanish company that produces elliptical chainrings and cranksets along with traditional round rings. I spoke with Phillip Mark Lucas about

Interbike 2013: New Products from Kali Protectives

Kali was at Interbike this year showing off their new lids. Some of their helmets and brand-new for 2014, and others have been redone for this year. One item that was of great interest to me was the new Shiva helmet. The Shiva is the flagship DH lid. Unlike many on

Breezer Repack: MLink Suspension Gives This 650b Trail Bike Legs

This is part two of my interview with Joe Breeze and JT Burke (Breezer Brand Manager) about the new Repack full suspension trail bike with MLink. I got a chance to take the Repack on a brief test ride at Bootleg Canyon, and my impressions follow our conversation below. Joe Breeze:

Interbike 2013: Diamondback Tweaks Previous Models, Releases New Bikes

After my fantastic experience reviewing the Diamondback Sortie 3 29erthis summer,I made it a top priority to stop by the Diamondback booth at Interbike. So, Diamondback was my first stop at 9am, right after the expo doors opened! All of the popular Diamondback models are returning this year, including the Sortie,

New from Maxxis: Shorty DH Tire and the Ardent Race

Maxxis has a few new tires this year including the Shorty DH tire and the Ardent Race. I got the scoop on both from Aaron at Interbike and here's what I learned. The Shorty DH tire is designed to chew up loose trail conditions and roost them out the other side.

FixIt Sticks: Innovative Mountain Bike Multi-tool

It's tough to find truly innovative products at Interbike and even harder still to find small, independent companies competing in the multi-billion dollar bike industry. FixIt Sticks started with an idea, quickly found a following via a successful Kickstarter campaign, and is now working to get into local bike shops

RaceFace at Interbike: New Cranks, Pedals, and Wheels

Coming out strong this year with a bunch of new gear is RaceFace. When I first swung by the RaceFace booth at Interbike to chat with Rob, all the products weren't on display yet--unfortunately a bunch of gear got held up in customs. No customs agents, you cannot have the

Pearl Izumi's X-Project Shoes: Finally Available

Do you remember the X-Project shoes? Yeah, Pearl Izumi announced them over a year ago, and created a ton of press hubbub around their new product. They even held a media camp in California, which Jeff attended, and Jeff even reviewed a sample pair of the shoes. However, not much has

Hydrapak at Interbike: New Bishop Pack and New Bite Valve

Ever since I started reviewing Hydrapak backpacks, Ive fallen in love and have counted them as one of my favorite hydration pack manufacturers. If you're interested, you can check out my previous Hydrapak reviews here: Selva Big Sur Tamarack Avila However, I had been puzzled in recent months by the apparent lack of advanced features

NICA Expands to Georgia for 2014

The North American Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) has been growing in leaps and bounds across the United States in recent years. The newest league, announced at Interbike this year, is Georgia. "We're very excited to be a part of this movement, and look forward to capitalizing on the very strong cycling

Interbike 2013: New and Improved Products from SUGOI

One of my first stops at Interbike this year was SUGOI. Having recently reviewed their RSX shorts, and with a review of their RSX jersey already in the works, I was interested to see what improvements they would offer on their previous products heading into 2014. RSX Short The RSX short has

Camelbak Continues to Innovate

Camelbak basically invented the wearable hydration category but it seems like the upstarts have been getting all the attention lately. It's not a dissimilar position to the one Apple is in with the smartphone market but I digress. The point is Camelbak continues to improve their own tried-and-true designs, all

Loaded Precision Carbon Wheels and Handlebars

Loaded Precision produces lightweight, high quality mountain bike components--everything from handlebars to wheelsets to QR skewers, pedals, and stems. At Interbike the company also debuted the Napalm carbon handlebars which utilize a new carbon layup process that promises to cut weight and add durability. The X-lite Ti stem is claimed to

Interbike 2013: New Redline d880 FS 29er

This year Redline is carrying on their popular hardtail models, but theyve also announced their first-ever full suspension mountain bike. The Redline d880 is an FS 29er with 100mm of front suspension and 110mm of rear suspension. This seems a tad odd since most designers choose to run more suspension up

Interbike 2013: New Mach 6 Carbon from Pivot

Pivot's big mountain bike story for 2014 is the new Mach 6 Carbon. The Mach 6 is designed to be a killer enduro machine, complete with 27.5in wheels and 155mm of travel. In development for two years, the new rear suspension linkage features a stiff, direct connection (aka, no rear bushings)

Lapierre Mountain Bikes Now Available in the US

Lapierre has been producing mountain bikes since the 1980s, but they haven't been available in the US--until now. You might remember Lapierre from their unique electronic suspension partnership with Rock Shox. Their computer-controlled shock is known as "e:i" for Electronic Intelligence. According to Lapierre: A pod attached to the damper contains a

Interbike 2013: New Bikes from Niner

Niner is known worldwide for their gorgeous, perfectly-sculpted, reliable mountain bikes--all of them sporting 29-inch wheels. WFO 9 The only thing that the brand-new WFO 9 has in common with the previous WFO is the name: this all-mountain gnar-shredding machine is all-new and ready to throw down! The WFO 9 features a

Interbike 2013: New and Improved Bikes from Felt

Felt has been hard at work producing new mountain bikes, and their electronic-assist fat bike caused quite a stir at Outdoor Demo and Interbike. According to Eddie Mcdonald, who's in charge of mountain bike marketing, the e-fat bike was originally just a concept bike, but due to the big response it

Interbike 2013: New and Improved Mountain Bikes from Raleigh

Raleigh is improving and expanding its mountain bike lineup as it heads into 2014. Two 27.5in bikes join the lineup, and the Talus 29er sees improvements. Tokul The new 27.5in-wheeled Tokul joins the Raleigh lineup, and expands Raleigh's appeal as their first all-mountain hardtail offering. The Tokul features a solid 4130 Chromoly

Interbike 2013: BMC

We met up with my buddy Peter, who reps BMC bikes, at Interbike, and he was stoked to give Jeff and I a low down on the highlights of BMC's new rides. We began our little soiree by looking over the new Trailfox TF01. The new Trailfox TF01 29er as pictured

Interbike 2013: New Dropper Posts and Bars from Thomson

New for 2014 Thomson is rolling out a brand-new Titanium riser bar. Measuring 780mm wide, this bar is essentially a carbon-copy of the aluminum riser I reviewed a couple of months ago actually, make that a titanium copy. ;) MSRP: $388. Thomson is also rolling out a 750mm aluminum all mountain

Interbike 2013: Mountain Bikes from Norco

As a Canadian, nothing makes me feel better than seeing a Canadian company thrive. Well, Norco has been at it since 1964, and have gone from making about 10 bikes a day to now being known as one of the biggest bike manufacturers in Canada. Not one to sit still, Norco

Interbike 2013: New Products from Giro

Giro had some very cool gear on display at Interbike, with some different colors as well as some bright motifs. Pictured above is the new Cypher helmet. Available in no less than 7 color ways, the new Cypher is aimed towards the freerider to enduro racer. Unlike the Remedy, the Cypher

Interbike 2013: Osprey

Here at Singletracks, most of us have tried an Osprey pack or two. We're familiar with the good quality that Osprey produces, so when I hit the show, I was expecting something new and exciting. Osprey delivered yet again. For me, the big story was the new REV line of packs.

Interbike 2013: New Products from Five Ten

We've written about Five Ten products numerous times on so I'm pretty familiar with their lineup, but this year they had some really cool surprises in store for me. For one thing, being a Dad as well as a rider, I was so pleased to see that Five Ten

Interbike 2013: New Products from Feedback Sports

Feedback Sports had a bunch of really neat solutions on display at Interbike for managing and storing all of your bikes. I was really impressed with a parts catalog approach of storing bikes upright, then folding them to a side. Below is what it would look like at home. I could

Interbike 2013: New Shades from Tifosi

Founded 10 years ago in 2003, the Watkinsville, Georgia-based company by the name of Tifosi has quickly turned into a major force to be reckoned with in the performance sports eyewear market. While other companies sell shades that cost $200 or more (sometimes much more), most of the Tifosis you'll see

Interbike 2013: NukeProof

NukeProof made it to Interbike again this year. While talking with the boys from over the pond, I learned that the NukeProof team was busy improving some of their rides. The new Mega AM27.5 got me very excited. I am not sure if it's the split colors or the fact that

Suspended at Interbike

Every year at Interbike there is always an excited buzz around the new suspension products. This year, it wasn't just about Fox and Rock Shox: MRP is also bringing some interesting products to the table. MRP MRP now has three new suspension forks: the Stage, Loop SL, and Loop TR. All the

Interbike 2013: Pioneer, FSA, and Tioga

As our 2013 Interbike coverage comes to a close, I have to say that there were many people we saw, talked to, and admired. There's only so much one can write about any one event before you get exhausted. I would like to spend some time now talking about a

Final Interbike 2013 Product Roundup: Marin, iXS, Spank, Santa Cruz, SDG, Ellsworth, and SRAM

We could honestly be at it for months writing about all we saw at Interbike this year. I am wrapping up my coverage with a few exceptional products that I spotted as I wandered the showroom floor: Marin Marin had a few bikes on display and I have to say: wow. Very



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