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Trip Report

Mountain Biking from Durango to Moab

photo courtesy San Juan Hut Adventures. On Friday I'll be setting out on a week-long mountain bike odyssey from Durango, CO to Moab, UT on my mountain bike. The trip is organized by San Juan Hut Adventures which provides mountain huts along the 215-mile route, each stocked with food, water, and

Mountain Biking Durango to Moab: Part I

On Thursday afternoon our group of four riders cruised down into Moab after 7 days of mountain biking from Durango to Moab. With limited cell phone service along the way (I only got a signal once) I'll be sharing all my updates and pics this week along with articles on

Mountain Biking Durango to Moab: Part II

Here's where we left off from Part I: two flat tires on the first day, 8 hours in the saddle, and a night above 11,400 feet. Day 2: Bolam Pass to Black Mesa The next morning we woke up to dark, cloudy skies and a cold wind and none of us were

Mountain Biking Durango to Moab: Part III

Recap: 3 tubes down, only 1 spare remaining (everyone else was riding 26-inch wheels). We're 87 miles and 3 days into a roughly 220-mile hut-to-hut mountain bike trip from Durango to Moab. Hard rains overnight have left the ground around our hut sticking to everything (shoes, tires, bags, etc.). Day 4:

Mountain Biking Durango to Moab: Part IV

Although this is the final trip report, I'll be posting additional articles over the next few weeks covering packing strategies, gear reviews, logistics, and more. For those following the saga of the tire tubes this week here's the spoiler: I made it to Moab with my last spare and a




About MTB Durango to Moab

In August 2010, trek7k rode his mountain bike from Durango to Moab with a group of friends, staying in pre-arranged backcountry huts along the way. This series chronicles the off-pavement mountain bike adventure.