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Jamis Dakar Sixfifty B Pro: Thoughts About 650b Wheels

There's been a lot of hubub around the interwebs of late about the potential explosion of the 650b wheel size. Much of the commotion is around the very substantial rumor that Fox and Rock Shox are both developing 650b forks, leading many to believe that several major bike brands will

Testing MTB Gear on the Road this Summer: Jamis 650b, Yakima Doubledown, Pearl Izumi Gear, and More

As anyone who has ridden with me knows: I am not easy on my bike gear. It's not that I'm abusive or anything I try to take care of what I own so that it will last as long as possible.However, I actually use my gear--and on a regular basis

The 650b (R)evolution, Part 1: Jamis, KHS, and Tires

It's been all over the blog and the forums on Singletracks.com: the industry is quickly jumping behind the new 650b/27.5"/tweener wheel size, whatever you want to call it. This year at Interbike I was tasked with covering the new 650b products--quite a tall order! In this series of posts I'll

The 650b (R)evolution, Part 2: The 650b Godfather, (R)evolution, and 650b Sales

Click here to read "The 650b (R)evolution, Part 1: Jamis, KHS, and Tires." The Godfather of 650b Mountain Bikes: Tom Ritchey While most of what we've been writing here on Singletracks refers to 650b as a new mountain bike trend, if you look at the history of the sport this wheel standard

The 650b (R)evolution, Part 3: Rocky Mountain, Scott, Norco, and Intense

Click here to read "The 650b (R)evolution, Part 2: The 650b Godfather, (R)evolution, and 650b Sales." While it seems that some companies have jumped into the 650b movement headfirst, other companies are testing the waters with just a couple of models. Rocky Mountain Rocky Mountain Altitude With 150mm of travel, they call the Altitude

Turner Burner 650b Test Ride

I've been trying to steer clear of the 650b hype but sometimes it's almost unavoidable. Don't get me wrong--I have nothing against 650b bikes--but I'm more than happy with both my 29ers. Still, when I got a chance to demo the Turner Burner 650b at Interbike I figured, what the

Interbike 2012: KHS SixFifty 608 Test Ride

Ive spent plenty of time riding a full-suspension 650b bike over the course of this summer, but I had yet to see how the tweener wheels handle in a hardtail package. So, when I wandered over to the KHS booth and noticed the beautiful carbon frames rolling on WTB Laser

2012 Jamis Dakar SixFifty B Pro Long-Term Review: Part 2

Click here to read part I of this long-term review. Ride Quality As I'm sure you've already gathered, the XC components and geometry make the Jamis Dakar SixFifty B Pro a very capable climber for a 5.5" bike. If you don't feel like you need full squish on the climbs, close the

2012 Jamis Dakar SixFifty B Pro Long-Term Review: Part I

Test riding mountain bikes at an expo is a lot like sampling teriyaki chicken at the mall: it all tastes good, but you can't really tell which is the best until you've eaten a full serving. After demoing the 2012 Jamis Dakar SixFifty B Pro at the Southeast Bike Expo in

Turner Burner 650b: Mini Outerbike Review

In case you missed it, be sure to read Jeff's longer (but still short) review of this bike here. At Outerbike I got my chance to throw a leg over the Turner Burner 650b. Unlike the bike Jeff tested with Enve wheels, my test rig was equipped with Stan's Arch 650b

Jamis Dragon 650 - Outerbike Review

I really wanted to ride one of the Jamis full suspension 650b bikes, but the one they brought in my size was always out. So instead I threw a leg over the Dragon 650, which is a steel hardtail with a fairly slack 68 head tube angle. So of course I

The Disappearance of the 26er: Wheel Size Trends at Interbike 2013

Last year we slung a veritable well of virtual ink at the emergence of the 650b/27.5in wheel size. For all of our coverage to date on the 'tweener wheels, check out our 650b (r)Evolution channel. At first, when I showed up to Interbike this year, I thought there would be some

Review: Santa Cruz Bronson Carbon

Somehow (and I'm not quite sure how), until a week ago I had never done a legitimate test ride on a Santa Cruz before. This year at Outerbike I decided to change that, so I took a spin on Deadman's Ridge aboard the Santa Cruz Bronson Carbon. Specs The Bronson is a

Review: Santa Cruz 5010 Carbon

While mtbgreg1 was out shredding the gnar on the Santa Cruz Bronson, I was enjoying a more laid back ride on the SOLO 5010 Carbon. Santa Cruz pegs the 27.5 wheeled 5010 as a bike for "exploring," and as such they built on the base of knowledge gleaned from the Bronson,

On Review: Foundry Tomahawk 27.5 / 650b Carbon Hardtail

Foundry Cycles recently sent over their brand new Tomahawk carbon fiber hardtail race bike for review. The Tomahawk is an evolution of Foundry's well-tested Broadaxe 29er hardtail, but rendered in new the Koolaid flavor of 650b. Like the entire Foundry product line, the Tomahawk is constructed from carbon with a matte

Breezer Repack: MLink Suspension Gives This 650b Trail Bike Legs

This is part two of my interview with Joe Breeze and JT Burke (Breezer Brand Manager) about the new Repack full suspension trail bike with MLink. I got a chance to take the Repack on a brief test ride at Bootleg Canyon, and my impressions follow our conversation below. Joe Breeze:

Hitting the Trail at Litespeed: The Sewanee Titanium 650b

I've always been a fan of Litespeed bikes: lightweight, simple, and in many ways, just plain elegant. This week I got a chance to throw a leg over the Sewanee full suspension mountain bike and here's what I learned. For those who aren't familiar with Litespeed, they're a small company based

News: Cannondale Announces New 2015 Jekyll 27.5

The Cannondale Jekyll has been completely reworked for 2015. Developed in collaboration with Jerome Clementz, the all-new bike features the new SuperMax front suspension, a new Fox DYAD rear shock with extra travel, military-inspired Ballistec carbon fiber,27.5" wheels, and new geometry to go with the extra travel and new wheel

Final Review: Foundry Tomahawk B3 27.5/650b

In a world being overtaken by longer travel, wider bars, and of course, 650b wheels, one company has dedicated themselves to building simple, lightweight, carbon fiber hardtail racing bikes. It's okay if you read that in the Movie Trailer Guy's voice For the past few months I've been tearing it up on

On Review: GT Force Carbon Pro 27.5/650b

Back in the 1990s, GT and their triple triangle designs werethe name in performance mountain bikes, but then the company seemed to go quiet for several years. That's been changing dramatically recently, especially in 2012 and 2013 with GT signing the Athertons to their Factory Racing team and the release

News: Cannondale Announces New 2015 Trigger 27.5 and Trigger 29

In addition to completely redesigning the Jekyll, Cannondale also recently announced the brand-new Trigger 27.5 and Trigger 29 at their global launch in Spain. Trigger 27.5 The Trigger 27.5, simply referred to as "Trigger" in the Cannondale marketing materials, is essentially the all-new Jekyll's little brother. With (you guessed it) 27.5"/650b wheels

News: Santa Cruz Announces Nomad 27.5

While some might think it's odd to release a new product on April Fools day since many people might not take you seriously, Santa Cruz, on the other hand, seems to embrace the media hilarity and general online chaos that occurs every April 1st. Yesterday, Santa Cruz announced the addition of

27.5in Will Rule Them All: Survey Results and Infographic

A couple weeks ago we asked mountain bikers to share their thoughts about the 27.5/650b wheel size and after crunching the numbers we put together this infographic to tell the story. We were shocked at the results and have come to the conclusion that not only are 27.5" mountain bikes

Review: WTB Breakout 27.5/650b Tires

I received a pair of the brand-new WTB Breakout tires under a shroud of secrecy back in February, but now finally I can share my ride impressions with you! But first, the specs. Specs As I mentioned in my "First Look" article, the Breakout is designed for both speed and traction. Measuring

First Look: Brand-New WTB Breakout 27.5/650b Tires

I had an intriguing package arrive on my door step a few weeks ago. It's not unusual for the Brown Santa to drop presents off, but this package was definitely out of the ordinary: As I began to open this top-secret package, I realized that there was something dangerous inside! Foolishly, despite

News: GT Announces New Sanction Enduro Rig

GT has recently announced the all-new Sanction 27.5 enduro rig for 2015. This new bike is based off of their race-proven Fury DH rig, but adapted and tailored specifically for enduro racing. Photo: mudhunny. This new bike was designed in partnership with the Athertons, and a prototype has already been raced

10 Hottest Enduro Bikes from the Sea Otter Classic

Want a bike thats speedy and nimble going downhill but also light and efficient at pedaling uphill? Then lucky for you, we've rounded up 10 of the hottest and newest enduro bikes from the Sea Otter Classic. TheDiamondback Mission Pro 27.5is brand spanking new for 2015. The Mission Pro 27.5 comes

On Review: Pivot Firebird 27.5

Last fall at Outerbike, the Pivot booth had crazy amounts of traffic and theirdemo bikes were constantly out on the trail. I didn't get to ride any of their models during the expo, but they have sent over the Firebird 27.5 for a long term review. Bike photos: mtbgreg1. Phoenix-based Pivot

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