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Yeti SB95 FS 29er Review

At the Interbike Outdoor Demo there was no shortage of full suspension 29ers to test, though the Yeti SB95 definitely stood out. With 5 inches of front and rear travel and the legendary Yeti brand, this was one 29er I had to ride. After waiting more than an hour for

Final Review: Ibex Maroc Carbon Fiber 29er

The Ibex Maroc 29er has multiple personality disorder - but it's the most wonderful disorder a mountain bike can have! The Test Any bike that shows up on my doorstep is bound to get the snot kicked out of it. The only question is whether or not it'll get up and beg

Final Review: Focus Black Forest 1.0 29er

It's clear at this point that in general, 29ers are here to stay, and even with incredible developments in full suspension technology, 29" wheels are allowing hardtails to see aresurgence in popularity due to the way those big wheels help smooth out the bumps. The 2011 Black Forest 29erfrom Focus is

Santa Cruz Tallboy (Carbon) 29er Mountain Bike Build

After testing six different full suspension 29ers at Interbike last year, I decided it was finally time to get one for myself. I've owned several hardtail mountain bikes since 1992, including a 29er, but this would be my first big move into full suspension mountain biking. Turns out it would

Niner W.F.O. Test Ride

At the Southeast Bike Expo this weekend I got a chance to demo the Niner W.F.O., a 5.5-inch all-mountain/trail bike that also happens to be a 29er. You can basically count the number of 5+ inch travel 29ers on the market with one hand and to be honest I went

Southeast Bike Expo: Felt Nine Team Demo

After returning the Lynskey to the Shimano booth I went in search of my next demo bike. This time around I wanted to try a carbon fiber 29er hardtail. Id never ridden one, and I was curious if carbon makes as much difference for mountain bikes as it does for

Santa Cruz Tallboy Carbon 29er Mountain Bike Review

I came into my demo of the Santa Cruz Tallboy assuming I wouldn't enjoy it. Don't get me wrong, Santa Cruz makes amazing XC bikes and I'm a died-in-the-wool 29er rider, but before saddling up on the Tallboy, I had never ridden a full suspension (FS) 29er I really loved.

Redline d680 29er Mountain Bike Review

As many of you know, I've been riding a Redline d660 29er for about three years now and I love it. The frame is lightweight, the geometry fits me well, and the 1x9 drivetrain scratches me right where I itch. Redline recently updated both the d660 and the d680 and

Specialized Camber Pro 29er Mountain Bike Review

The Specialized Camber Pro 29er is more mountain bike than most riders deserve and yet it's not even top of the Specialized line. With decades of experience designing and building mountain bikes, Specialized has applied that knowledge to the Camber Pro, resulting in a high performance FS 29er that's built

Trek Rumblefish FS 29er Review

The Trek Rumblefish is a beautiful mountain bike with clean lines, modern hydroformed tubing, asymmetrical chainstays, and hot graphics that I had to ride during my time at Interbike. Like the other Gary Fisher 29er descendents, the Rumblefish has a reputation for being a solid big wheel bike with excellent

Giant Anthem X FS 29er Review

Branding is a powerful thing. Most of us don't want to admit it or perhaps we're not even aware of it but when it comes to mountain bikes, something as simple as a name can influence our opinion about a bike. Admittedly my perception of Giant mountain bikes has been

On Test: Foundry Broadaxe 29er

If you've never heard of Foundry Cycles before, don't be ashamed: they're one of the newest bike companies around. But if you have heard of them, I wouldn't be surprised! Officially launched in October 2011, Foundry is just over a year old but has already made a splash in the

Final Review: Airborne Goblin 29er v2.0

Click here to read the "On Test" blog post, and to get more information on the Goblin's specs. In the initial "On Test" blog post I mentioned all of the modifications that Airborne has made to v2.0 of the Goblin based on what they learned from their experiences with v1.0. While

Felt Edict Nine 1 - Outerbike review

Michael demo'ed the Felt Edict Nine 1 before I did and he wouldn't quit bugging me about it until I rode it too. Oh man, what anawesomebike! For both of us the Felt was the hands down favorite of everything we rode. The Edict Nine is Felt'ssignature 29er full suspension racing

Devinci Wooky Carbon SL - Outerbike Review

One of the cool things about events like Outerbike is being able to try something you normally wouldn't. For me that meant taking a spin on a carbon hardtail race bike that retails for a bit north of $5,000. A recent news article referenced by MarcS claimed that the Ibis Mojo

Giant Trance X 29er - Outerbike Review

Full disclosure: I am a huge Giant fanboi, and as such, this was the one bike I had to get a ride on while I was at Outerbike. The Good The Trance X 29er sports fantastic geometry for everyday riding. The rider position on the bike is very neutral and nothing stands

Ultra-Lightweight 29ers from Niner, Pivot, and Breezer

In the early days of 29ers one of the big tradeoffs with bigger wheels was increased weight, particularly the added rolling weight in tires and rims. With few component choices available, early adopters were forced into sometimes clunky builds that weighed much more than their 26-inch equivalents. But that was

Intense Spider 29comp Test Ride

While chatting with another reviewer at Outdoor Demo I asked which bikes he was stoked about and he mentioned the Intense Spider 29comp. Syd (element22) also recommended this bike to me before the show so I knew I had to check it out! The Spider 29comp is new for 2013 and

Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Expert EVO: 29er Trail Bike

I've ridden a few long-travel 29ers (5+ inches of travel) over the last 12 months and up until now, I haven't been totally impressed. Not only did the bikes seem to handle clumsily but none of them climbed very well--a big turn off for an XC guy like me. A

The Surly Krampus: 29+

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding the release of Surlys Krampus, and when talking about what this bike is, its probably best to begin by talking about what its not: It is not a fat bike with massive 4 or 5-inch tires designed for maximum flotation and slow

Civilian Luddite Mountain Bike Final Review

I've spent the last month riding almost exclusively on the Civilian Luddite - a steel framed, rigid forked, single speed 29er. On paper the Luddite looks like a good ride and a great value. I don't know of any other $1,000-ish bike that comes with name brand rims, BB7 brakes,




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