29 Trails in 29 Days

As a mountain biker, winter can sometimes get a little depressing. Memories of summer epics have long faded while the cold temperatures keep us (and our buddies) indoors more often than we’d like. Frankly I’m a little tired of my own excuses for not riding more in the winter so I decided to challenge myself to ride 29 trails in 29 days (on a 29er).

The plan is to kick things off on January 8, 2011 by riding the Snake Creek Gap Time Trial #1 in Dalton, GA. Although I’ve never ridden “the Snake,” I’ve been told by many riders who are much better than me that it’s a tough course so it should be a good wake-up call. Then, on day 29 (February 5) I’ll ride the same course again to see how my time has (hopefully) improved. For the first race I won’t do any extra training beyond what I would normally ride.

Since I’ll be riding the same trail on day 1 and day 29 (the Pinhoti Trail) I’ll need to ride two trails on one day during the challenge. In fact I plan on riding multiple trails some days to leave other days open to give myself a little scheduling flexibility. I’ve already mapped out a potential list of trails spread across 5 states in the southeast; about half the trails on my list are trails I’ve never ridden so I’m stoked for the adventure.

The 29 day challenge should also give me a good chance to put some of my gear to the test. In particular I’ll be reviewing the new SRAM X0 2×10 drivetrain to see how it holds up under wet, potentially icy conditions and nearly continuous wear and tear.

Throughout the challenge I’ll be sharing race reports, gear reviews, and trail descriptions along with training updates and more. We’ll also post up a schedule of some upcoming rides in case anyone wants to join me on the trail.

29 trails in 29 days – I can’t wait to get started!

16 thoughts on “29 Trails in 29 Days

  1. Very cool idea.

    I’ll see you at both of the Snakes :D

    You doing the 17 or 34? I’m starting with the 17, maybe moving up the 34 later, depending on weather.

  2. I’m looking forward to reading this. Will you be blogging every day then, or just every few days?

    I’m especially looking forward to your X0 group review as I’m trying to decide whether to use X0, X9 or a mix of the two on next years purchase.

  3. @dgaddis: I’m going all in on the 34-miler. You should too.

    @PHRANQUY: The plan is to at least write something related to the 29 day challenge every weekday, though I may need to adjust if it starts feeling stale.

  4. Hope to see you at SCG #1 and #2.

    Wife’s birthday is Jan 8, but I hope to make it.

    Plan on 34 miler.

    I did the SCG Preride. Best 3 rides of my life and I’ve been at this a while. It ain’t no joke though. Best (hardest, by a long shot) ride I’ve ever done in NGA. I don’t confuse NGA with Pisgah, but you could take the second 17 miles out of NGA and put it in Pisgah and it would fit right in.

    The second 17 mile section of the SCG TT is just off the hook completely.

  5. Sweet idea dude! I wish I had the time & gas money to commit to something like this!

    Looking forward to all the blog posts, and to see the list of trails you’re riding. Maybe I’ll join you for a few of them.

  6. All I can say is you lucky sob’s,I am jut hopin for clear sky and just a light dusting of snow on the trail.You guys have fun and pass on the pics.

  7. Great idea…looking forward to the updates and pics. Post a preliminary list of trails & dates if you have one. Can I get paid to do something like that? Beats my regular job:D

  8. YES,,,,deffinately looking forward to the blog and pic’s on this trip,great idea Trek7k,I think you may have inspired alot of rider’s to just get out and ride……………….

  9. All This talk about all these trails….I think I’m going to be sick! I just had rotator cuff surgery two weeks ago and the closest I can get to a trail is watching a video. I did several races this year including the Swank and was looking for to trying out the Snake so at least I’m looking foward to your write ups on it and the other trails. Have fun!

  10. This sounds awesome!! Looks forward to following your progress through the 29 days… might just motivate me to set up a similar challenge for myself over the summer

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