Watch: Is this the scariest trail in the world?

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The section at 1:24?! Ho-ly crap! Austria’s on a ‘hole ‘nuther level! Here’s the official video description from the filmers: “The Mitterhorn is in the Loferer Steinbergen, above the little village of Lofer. It’s a pretty steep climb up to the very comfortable Schmidt-Zabierow-Hütte and from there it’s about 600m to the summit. We stayed …

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Watch: What It Takes To Get the Shot – Photographer Rueben Krabbe in Squamish, BC


In this Episode: As an action sports photographer, some days often end up being more about documenting an activity rather than actually doing it. Reuben Krabbe, a Squamish local and renowned photographer, has been focusing on packing light and documenting from right beside the riders to authentically capture in-the-moment action. Joined by Stephen Matthews and …

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