Pokemon Go Mountain Biking


On Sunday, Greg and I received a message from former Singletracks writer and Southern Wheelworks owner, Dustin Gaddis, “Pokemon Go & MTB trails. Seems like an article begging to be written.” I was vaguely familiar with the game, having just read an article earlier in the day about a girl who discovered a dead body …

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Opinion: Strava Sucks the Soul out of Mountain Biking


Editor’s Note: Bob Ward has been riding mountain bikes since 1985. Over the years he’s authored three guidebooks, owned and operated a mountain bike tour company, and much more. The opinions expressed in this commentary are his alone and do not necessarily represent the opinions of Singletracks.com. I was out riding one of my local singletrack …

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The 10 Best Apps for Mountain Biking


The smartphone is the single most ubiquitous piece of technology today. These days, everyone from your 80-year-old grandma on down to your 12-year-old nephew is walking around with their head down, tapping away on their iPhone. While some have decried the smartphone as a distraction from real life and the natural world around us, these ever-present …

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The Most Rugged Android Smartphone? The Sonim XP7


Having a phone on a ride is nice. If you have the right apps and you haven’t smashed it to bits yet, your phone can serve as a GPS-enabled HR monitor, wayfinder, and, if you’re that kind of person, even a jukebox. (Please spare me your vitriolic emails about how no one should ever listen …

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Interbike 2014: Gadgets for MTB Geeks


Love it or hate it, technology is becoming an increasing part of peoples’ lives, and that even extends to the mountain bike trail. Check out these mountain bike gadgets we spied at Interbike: Velocity Clip The Velocity Clip is a universal smartphone mount mashed up with a GoPro-compatible clip so you can use your smartphone …

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Review: Endomondo Sports Tracker App


This is a common conversation when I head out riding with a friend of mine: Friend:  “I’m going to set my tracker app.  Maybe it’ll work this time.” Me: “Ok, I’ll set my Endomondo app, and we can compare when we get back!” (After the ride, which we know to be about 6 miles long.) …

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