Scott MTB Comp Shoe Review


Mountain biking is expensive. We all know this. The thing is, I hate the idea of having to pay hundreds of dollars for a pair of simple mountain bike shoes. Many top-end shoes cost $300 or more, which some people consider to be too much for a complete mountain bike. I thought, “there has to be a …

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How to Keep Your Feet Warm on Winter Bike Rides: 8 Tips


One of the biggest things that can kill the buzz on a winter ride is cold feet. And once our feet get cold on a ride, it seems like it’s nearly impossible to get them warmed up again. With that in mind, here are eight tips for keeping your feet warm this winter so you can pedal all …

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45NRTH Launches 3 New Extreme Cold Weather Cycling Boots: Japanther, Updated Wolvehammer, and Wolfgar

45nrth_boots - 3

Fat biking has grown quickly, but it seems like apparel and other related gear has been slow to keep up with the extreme conditions these new bikes are built to handle. 45NRTH is one of the few companies that’s leading the way in offering mountain biking gear built to withstand extremely cold weather, and this …

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News: Northwave Announces Enduro-Specific Shoe


Northwave announced a few shoes from the 2016 Spring-Summer collection including the Northwave Enduro Mid, a shoe designed specifically for the demands of enduro racing. Pro rider Cedric Gracia worked with Northwave to design and test the Enduro Mid shoes and judging by the video below, he’s pretty stoked with how the shoes came out. …

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Review: Northwave Extreme Tech MTB Plus Shoes


Interbike is a lot like a gentleman’s club for three reasons. First of all, it’s in Las Vegas. Second, there’s lots to look at, but you’re usually not supposed to put your hands on anything. Most importantly, it is considered rude to ask about weights, date of manufacture, and “street price.” I broke all those …

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