A Cheap Chinese Bike Light Nearly Burned Down this Rider’s House

The inside of Adam's home, after the fire.

In October of 2015 Adam Creager of Brandon, Florida purchased the 5,000 lumen SolarStorm Bike Light, a cheap Chinese knock off light. After just a couple of uses, the light’s battery pack caught fire, and burned his home, gutting the inside. We had actually written about the SolarStorm on Singletracks some 10 months before this …

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Light & Motion Launches Kickstarter Campaign for GoPro Light


Over the last year or two we’ve seen a number of bike-related Kickstarter campaigns from individuals and start-ups, but this is perhaps one of the first we’ve seen from an established company like Light & Motion. The product–a GoPro Companion Light–is designed to add additional lighting in low light or backlit situations. Light & Motion …

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Review: NiteRider Pro 2200 Race Bike Light


I’ve been running the 2014 NiteRider Pro 2200 Race bike light for almost a full year now, which is an unusually long time for a Singletracks product test. In fact, this test has been running so long that the NiteRider Pro 2200 Race has since been replaced by the 2015 model, the Pro 2200 Enduro, …

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Review: Jet Lites F3 Light


Yo, you got a light?  It’s that time of year again! In just a few short weeks it will be too dark for most people to ride after work. Instead of sitting on the couch packing on the pounds, consider getting a light and hitting the trail at night. It’s a whole new experience to …

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