Light & Motion Launches Kickstarter Campaign for GoPro Light


Over the last year or two we’ve seen a number of bike-related Kickstarter campaigns from individuals and start-ups, but this is perhaps one of the first we’ve seen from an established company like Light & Motion. The product–a GoPro Companion Light–is designed to add additional lighting in low light or backlit situations. Light & Motion …

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Mountain Bike Light Buyer’s Guide


A huge selection of bike lights are for sale on the market today, and finding the right system can be a challenge. So, we put together this list of bike lights with key stats, and grouped the lights by usage category. Of course we don’t recommend making a purchase decision based on specs alone, so …

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Review: Light & Motion Seca 2000 Enduro


With so little daylight this time of year, it just makes sense to pack some lumens before you head out for that after work ride. Heck, in Toronto it gets dark at 6:00pm, and even earlier in the forest. Having dependable lights when the sun starts going down is of utmost importance! Light & Motion …

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