Light & Motion Launches Kickstarter Campaign for GoPro Light


Over the last year or two we’ve seen a number of bike-related Kickstarter campaigns from individuals and start-ups, but this is perhaps one of the first we’ve seen from an established company like Light & Motion. The product–a GoPro Companion Light–is designed to add additional lighting in low light or backlit situations. Light & Motion …

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Review: Light & Motion Taz 1500 Bike Light

Taz 1500

Deny it all you want, but the days are getting unmistakably shorter. Those of us who like to keep riding into the fall and even winter will need lights… or time off work. In recent years the cycling light market has exploded from just a handful of high-end models to a whole spectrum of choices …

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Review: NiteRider Pro 1200 Race Lives Up to Its Name


NiteRider has been designing action sports lights for 25 years, and that experience shows in every one of its products. The company’s Performance Light series features a wide range of lights, from the 220 lumen Lumina Micro 220 all the way up to the Pro 3600 DIY, one of the brightest bike lights ever produced. …

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