World’s Lightest Lock-On MTB Grips?

fabric_grip - 1

Fabric is a company based out of the UK that’s known for producing sleek saddles (and a cageless water bottle, in case you missed it), and during a meeting at Sea Otter I spotted what the company is claiming is the lightest lock-on grip available. Honestly just looking at the design I would say¬†there probably …

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Get a Grip with the WTB PadLoc


See what I did there? Get a grip? Because this article is about grips. Don’t roll your eyes like that. Bad puns are required by law in this bicycle journalism game. Ask BikeSnobNYC if you don’t believe me. But now, to business. If you’re experiencing fatigue on the bike — and aren’t we all? — …

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Review: The New Easton 35 Cockpit: Haven 35 Carbon Low Rise Bar, Haven 35 Stem, and Grips


First of all, why 35? To paraphrase a friend of mine who is a mechanic, the biking industry is unique in that innovation makes its own¬†predecessors obsolete. Like me, the first question that many readers may ask is, “why bother changing the diameter of a handlebar that has worked so well for so many years? …

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RaceFace Atlas Cockpit Review: Bar, Stem, and Grips


Not too long ago some internal problems at RaceFace nearly caused them to go broke. Well, with new managers at the controls and an ever-loyal following, RaceFace is running strong yet again. For me that was awesome news, as I have been using Raceface products ever since they opened shop. The Atlas group is their …

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Heated MTB Handlebar Grips from A’ME


After years of research, A’ME Grips just introduced a lock-on, heated mountain bike handlebar grip. The company claims “a comfortable hand temperature improves blood flow which reduces fatigue and maximizes dexterity and performance” and we don’t disagree – though we’ll probably still stick to a good pair of insulated MTB gloves for the coldest days …

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Geeky Bar Grips


As if mountain bikes weren’t becoming geeked out enough with GPS and electronic suspension, now you can get keyboard grips for your ride. Okay, so these are actually BMX grips from Odyssey but with the flick of a knife you can lop off the flanges and mount these babies on your mountain bike. The keyboard …

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Ergon’s GA1 and GX1 Leichtbau Grips Review


A tale of two grips? Vorsprung durch Technik? German grip maker Ergon, now famous with its different view on how you should hold on to your handle bars, has expanded their MTB grip line even further. Ergon now offers twelve different grips so you’re sure to find one that will fit your hand and application. …

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