8 Category-Killing Mountain Bikes


While many, if not most, mountain bikes are easy to slot into their intended category such as cross-ountry, downhill, trail, fat, etc., some recent designs have transcended definition and can play comfortably in several categories. This is achieved either by simple component changes or, in some cases, on the fly adjustments. Here are 8 mountain bikes that defy …

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Rocky Mountain Launches Two 27.5″ Fat Bike Models at Eurobike 2016


Rocky Mountain is jumping on a wheel/tire size bandwagon that Trek pioneered with the launch of the Farley Fat Bike back in 2015: 27.5 fat. While it may be a very small bandwagon, Rocky is launching two new fat bikes with the new wheel size: The Suzi Q -90° RSL and the Suzi Q -50°. The …

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Salsa Mukluk Gets Carbon Makeover for 2017


The Salsa Mukluk was one of the first production fat bikes ever, helping to turn the wide-tired contraptions into a more mainstream trend. In the years since, Salsa has continued to be one of the leaders of charge when it comes to fat bikes, pushing the limits and transforming peoples’ mindsets, making big tires fun. …

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Sarma Vortex 1.0 Fat Bike Review


Some riders, especially those drawn to small or boutique brands, put a lot of stock in where their mountain bike originated.  This is no more true than in fat bike land, where name plates from cold, snowy places like Alaska and Minnesota get the lion’s share of buzz as “real” fat bikes.  If such a …

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