Video: “Ride Groomed”

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 3.18.23 PM

Post by 45NRTH. Nestled in the Teton Range, amongst the ski slopes and Nordic trail of Grand Targhee Resort, lies some of the most pristine groomed singletrack in the country. Sponsored rider Evan Simula and the 45NRTH crew found themselves exploring the world-class trails and immersing themselves in all that they had to offer. Filmed …

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27.5+ Tires: These Are for Your 29er


At Frostbike I mentioned to Chris from Loose Nuts Cycles that I didn’t get why companies were producing 27.5+ mountain bike tires given the dearth of production 27.5+ bike frames. His response: 27.5+ tires are for your 29er. At that moment scales fell from my eyes and I saw the future. Ok, so maybe I …

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New Front and Rear-Specific Fat Bike Tires from 45NRTH

Flowbeist (front) left, Dunderbeist (rear) right.

45NRTH showed off their latest fat bike tires at Frostbike this past weekend, the Flowbeist and Dunderbeist, and what’s interesting about these two is that they’re front- and rear-specific fat bike tires that are optimized for riding groomed fat bike trails. And unlike many fat bike tires on the market today, 45NRTH designed both tires …

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Test Ride Review: Lauf Fat Bike Fork


I wrote about the Lauf Trail Racer fork back in September saying, “I really want to test one of these on the trail to see how it compares to a real suspension fork.” Well, at Frostbike I got my chance, though not on the Trail Racer but on an entirely new fork–the Carbonara–designed for fat bikes. First, a …

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