Sarma Vortex 1.0 Fat Bike Review


Some riders, especially those drawn to small or boutique brands, put a lot of stock in where their mountain bike originated.  This is no more true than in fat bike land, where name plates from cold, snowy places like Alaska and Minnesota get the lion’s share of buzz as “real” fat bikes.  If such a …

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Salsa Bucksaw Carbon Full Suspension Fat Bike – Long Term Review


I never really imagined myself on a full-suspension fatbike. My very first fatty a few years ago was a black Surly Pug Ops, a capable but beefy steed weighing in around 38 lbs. I sold that bike to purchase the first aluminum Salsa Beargrease, then sold that once I fell in love with the carbon …

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Trail Report: Fat Biking Buffalo Creek, Colorado, in the Winter


Is it just me, or did the “Godzilla El Nino” not get the memo? It’s winter, or at least it should be for a few more weeks. Both winter and spring in Colorado are actually great opportunities to ride fat bikes, especially in the high country. Though this season has seen somewhat variable snow conditions (read: disappointing), …

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Hincapie Fahrenheit Puffy Jacket Review


The Fahrenheit Jacket from Hincapie is a warm puffy jacket that’s designed to perform well in cold weather, both on and off the bike. Specs This puffy jacket isn’t actually natural down as you might first expect; instead, the insulation is synthetic recycled eco2sy® filling. The exterior of the jacket is “29 gram Ultra Ripstop™,” which …

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Trail Report: Fat Biking the Apex Trail, Colorado, in the Winter


Apex Park is one of the most popular places to ride and hike in the Colorado Front Range, and until recently, lay somewhat dormant during winter when big dumps would envelope the trails in deep, impassible snow. Enter the fat bike, and the past three seasons seem to have maintained Apex’s popularity even when the mercury pointed …

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