Test Ride Review: Santa Cruz Nomad Carbon 27.5

2014-10-07 nomad

With enduro (the racing category) pushing recent bike development, Santa Cruz has re-imagined the venerable Nomad into a gravity-oriented 27.5-equipped park slayer. The carbon-frame-only Nomad comes spec’ed with SLX, XT, or XX1 groups, with prices ranging from $5,899 to $8,299. As with other Santa Cruz models, the Enve wheel upgrade is available at any component …

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Review: 2014 Fox 34 TALAS


Yes, Fox’s 2015 products have already been released… but do you know what that means? Now’s the time to get a screaming deal on a perfectly-good 2014 fork! Specs The 2014 Fox 34 TALAS model I have in for review features travel adjust–thus the TALAS designation–and goes from 160mm of travel to 130mm with the …

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On Review: The Yeti 575


I want to start by saying that I owe the Yeti 575 a bit of an apology. When I first looked at it, I thought, “that’s too all mountainey for me.” I mean, a 67° head tube angle? That’s scandalously close to a downhill bike for my east coast XC riding tastes. And look at …

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Review: The New Yeti SB5c

Tons of traction for the sketchier sections

On July 17th Yeti shook up the mountain biking world with the announcement of Switch Infinity suspension, a double-barreled Kashima-coated revamp of the wildly popular Switch suspension found on bikes like the venerable SB66 and SB95. Singletracks described the suspension here, but I was fortunate enough to take the bike designed with and for this …

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Review: Race Face Turbine 27.5 Wheels

2014-07-25 race face turbine wheels

The new Turbine 27.5 wheelset is an all-new direction for Race Face. This wheelset promises to be bomb proof, while not blowing up your bank account. Specs Unlike the latest trends with all-carbon and beadless wheel systems that are making headlines, the Turbine 27.5s use proven alloys and designs that are based on performance and …

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News: Yeti Releases New SB5c 27.5/650b Trail Bike with New Switch Infinity Technology


Yeti has just released a brand-new trail bike: the SB5c. Sporting 27.5″/650b wheels, this is a full-carbon rig with 5″ (127mm) of travel. I’m sure the question that’s on everyone’s mind is: “is this Yeti’s answer to the controversial discontinuation of the SB66c?” While maybe this bike will help calm the crowd of agitated SB66c …

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