Singletracks App Updates + Singletracks Trail Challenge Launch

This morning we launched the latest version of our Android and iPhone apps and this is our biggest update yet! Amazing topo maps, improved location-based searches, a revamped home screen, geo-tagged photos, and in-app account management are just the start. And from now until May 1, the paid version of our apps will be on sale for $1.99 (normally $3.99). An ad-supported free version is available on both platforms but does not include the topo maps (everything else is identical).

Today also marks the launch of the Singletracks Trail Challenge, a competition that rewards mountain bikers for logging as many rides and unique trails as possible. Riders earn badges and even prizes for checking in and we’ve integrated the check-ins with popular Singletracks features like wishlists, my trails lists, trail condition reporting, and the ridelog.

Each badge has its own leaderboard so you can see how you stack up with other riders in terms of the number of trails you’ve ridden, the locations of the trails you’ve ridden, and the frequency of your rides. Some badges–like the Night Rider badge–are based on the time of day you ride. Others–like the Sheriff–reward the rider who has logged the most rides at an individual trail system.

You can view all the available badges here. Click a badge to find out how to earn it, view the leaderboard, and track your progress.

Previous trail check-ins do not count toward the Singletracks Trail Challenge with two exceptions: The Sheriff and Pioneer badges. If you want to dig into more details about the challenge, check out this support doc (we’ll continue to update this as we roll out more features.)

Ok, enough chit chat–get out and start exploring!

35 comments on “Singletracks App Updates + Singletracks Trail Challenge Launch

  • Cool. A few questions:
    Are the badges trail specific (like the sheriff badge for example)
    How exactly does the ride log work vs checking in? I rarely check into trails, but I do use the ride log for tracking and always update it after a ride (not immediately after, but usually later that night, next day, etc)

    • Certain badges are trail-specific; for example, you can be the Sheriff for FATS and Turkey Creek. Most, like the Georgia rider and Polar Bear badge, are not.

      Basically when you check in an entry is made in your ride log with the date and the trail you rode. You can then go back and fill in the details later.

      • Ah, I see. So checking in creates a ride log entry, but manually logging the ride doesn’t create a check in.

        Guess I’ll start checking in then!

  • I bought it long ago, but today’s update makes it “incompatible with my device(HTC Incredible). Is this something that can be rectified or am I out of luck?

    • I’m in the same boat, still using my HTC Incredible until the S4 finally hits the US markets. I’ll give it a shot once I get back to my network connection at home and see what happens. I’ve been noticing apps aren’t running as smoothly as they used to. My guess is that the old hardware just can’t keep up. I’ll post here once I’ve given the new Singletracks app a try.

    • I’m guessing you’re seeing that b/c the software version on your phone isn’t new enough (the app needs Honeycomb 3.2 or higher). If you can update your Android version that should fix it but I know some phones are limited (my Nexus One is basically useless now b/c I’m stuck way back at 2.3).

      Man, the upgrade cycle on these phones is brutal…

  • That’s indeed a bummer. I guess I won’t be joining you guys on this particular adventure.

    As a postcript, I think you’re going to be surprised over how many people are still running 2.3.

    • Yeah, our analytics show about 25% of Android users are running lower than 3.2 right now. We really wish we could make it work for every phone out there.

      There MAY be a way to make the paid app compatible with more devices–we’ll look into it. Part of the issue is the Google Ads SDK doesn’t work on older devices.

  • so you’re thinking it would get removed from the paid app since it’s not using it?

    I’m completely in the dark on android development, so I’m not any type of authority on what you should tackle, but if all that’s preventing it from working for paid users is the ad system, I would vote it get nixxed.

    I absolutely love the app’s new features and would hate to not be able to use it.

      • Jarrett.morgan says:

        I just learned I am in the same boat as Schwim. In addition, the option to check in using the mobile site is gone as well. If that feature was returned could we join in on the challenge?

      • The check-in option was removed from the mobile website because it won’t work with the challenge. Basically we’re authenticating check-ins more rigorously plus offering the option for offline check-ins at trails where there is no cell phone coverage.

        Hopefully we’ll be able to make one of the Android apps more backward compatible. Stay tuned to the blog for news…

  • “Previous trail check-ins do not count toward the Singletracks Trail Challenge with two exceptions: The Sheriff and Pioneer badges. If you want to dig into more details about the challenge, check out this support doc (we’ll continue to update this as we roll out more features.)”

    Will they count eventually for the others? I think it’d be pretty awesome to see who has ridden in which states and who has hit the most Epics (skibum? :D )

    Will the badges eventually reset?

    • Jared, we made the decision to give everyone a clean slate in the challenge with the exception of the two badges mentioned. Going forward the badges will never be reset.

      Part of the reasoning also has to do with the way previous check-ins were recorded. In the past we didn’t authenticate the location of the check-in so there was no way to know if it was legitimate or just someone pressing a button while sitting at home. :)

      • Ah, that makes sense.
        I always checked in from home (or hotel room) because I don’t have a smart phone.

        I never checked in until I had the bike loaded and I was on my way out the door. I didn’t want to check in then find out I was going to be able to ride :D

  • Noticed 2 things when I downloaded the app this afternoon.
    1. In setup or settings ( cant recall which it was ) there is no option of selecting Australia as user location.
    2. Cant rotate into landscape on Iphone 5 so all titles of articles, reviews etc are cut short.

    • Good catch, Australia has been added to the list.

      The titles are cut off depending on the size of your device screen so you’ll just have to click to read the articles. :) Same is true for trail titles as well.

      The paid iOS app allows you to rotate the screen and the free app should have been the same but we screwed up. Will add this to the list of bug fixes for the next update.

  • Ok, we just pushed out an update to the paid Android app ($1.99 thru May 1) that is compatible with more devices (down to Android 2.3.3). We tested it on an HTC Nexus One running 2.3.6 and the app works great!

  • Bubblehead10MM says:

    Topo maps and trail following rocks. I did have a brief issue with the gps when internet was slow out near a trail, on Galaxy III jelly bean os not sure if it ever caught up to reality.

  • Bubblehead10MM says:

    Playing with the paid app now. Beautiful. Only thing, the one check in I’ve made since change isn’t showing up as badge, when it looks like it’s the one and only, which is how I got most of the Sheriff / pioneers ;)

  • Finally got a new phone, and installed the new app. I have one question.

    Is trail check in determined via GPS location? I was getting ready for my ride at Fountainhead and wanted to check in, but couldn’t. Same thing at Meadowood once I was done at Fountainhead. And the “Check in” option is listed on the trails page, either.

    Maybe I just missed it in the hurry to get on the trail, or maybe I’m still getting used to the new phone and abilities. Either way, it baffled me. If it is GPS based, and looks for specific trailheads, I may need to update Meadowood with a separate starting location.

    • Hey man,

      It is GPS location based, but you just have to be within 5 miles of the trailhead. The button for checking in is right on the home screen–you don’t need to go to the trail page.

      Hope this helps!

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