We really love the Garmin Edge series of cycling GPS units and we couldn’t pass up giving you a little shopping tip: Don’t pay full retail for these babies. The MSRP for the Edge 205 is $269 and Performance Bike sells them online for $199, which isn’t bad. But you’d be a sucker to buy one at Performance because you can buy them online RIGHT NOW for just $119 at Amazon.com!

The Edge 305 isn’t quite the steal that the 205 is but you can find it for around $260 at Amazon.com which is more than $100 off the MSRP and $110 below the price at Performance.

GPS will continue to be hot this Christmas season so order yours now while the price is low and availability is high. Then come back to singletracks and take advantage of some of our free maps and GPS Trail Data Manager to get the most out of your GPS. You’re so frugal ;)


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