I wrote back in June about a problem I was having with my Edge 305 freezing up on rides and in case you’re curious the problem continued through the summer (though it only happened every 2-3 rides).

Well this weekend I experienced an even bigger problem: my Edge 305 died. I had charged the GPS overnight before heading out to Fort Mountain for an early ride but when I arrived at the trailhead the Edge would not turn on. Even after repeated attempts it wouldn’t start and after cursing at myself for not checking it before leaving the house I fired up my backup GPS, the Magellan Explorist 400, and headed down the trail. (By the way, the Edge 305 did come along for the ride – I kept it attached to my handlebars on the off chance I might be able to start it up eventually – I couldn’t bear to make it wait in the car ;) )

Anyway, the Magellan worked ok given the fact that it was in my pocket the entire time but I really missed my Edge. I waited all weekend to call Garmin to give them an earful when I tried the GPS once more – but this time it worked! Back from the dead, I still wanted to know what was wrong with my GPS so I called Garmin anyway to find out what was going on.

Apparently there have been several software updates to the Edge 305 since I purchased it back in March and one of those updates fixed the freeze/death problem I had been experiencing. So if anyone else is having problems with their Edge, check the Garmin website for the latest software and if you’re worried like me you can even join their email list to get notified when new software becomes available. Oh yeah, and and you should also bring a back-up GPS every time you ride ;)

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