BFGoodrich sponsored a relay with a pair of their all-terrain tires, covering five adventures and thousands of miles all across the globe. The final leg of the relay was driven by downhill mountain bikers Kyle Straight and Cam Zink. Check out their incredible big mountain lines in the gorgeous Utah desert, here:

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  • flyrodsteve

    For some reson, the video wont load. Is anyone else hving this problem?

    • mudhunny

      Sometimes I have to reload the page for YouTube videos to appear.

  • azhawesrider22

    No videos have been working on my iPhone for a while when using the app..

    • mudhunny

      Yep, videos in the app are hit or miss. Depends on how they’re embedded.

  • Gdb49

    That jump at the 3min mark is sick!

  • mtbgreg1

    What browser are you guys using? Working for me in Google Chrome.

  • Bubblehead10MM

    I’m on chrome to, no problem. That was so sick! I broke out in a sweat, may not be able to sleep, They scare me. next video that came up is from my safer sport, rock climbing 😀

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