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    Thoughts on the Yakima Front Loader Roof racks? I’ve been using an old trunk unit and would like to upgrade on my new car. Id like to not have to take the front tires off every time. Anyone have these? What do you think of them? Sturdy? Good Buy? Some other brand preferable?


    Guess not too many folks use these.Well I picked some up and heres a few thoughts for anyone else considering them:
    Pros: Very easy to install. Very sturdy. Holds the bikes in place solidly. Very little travel noise, even at speed.
    I had read that the length of the rack can prevent you from opening the rear hatch fully, but it was not a problem on my Outback – there was only about 1mm to spare, but it cleared.
    Cons: Im about 6′ 1". It takes every bit of stretch I’ve got to hoist the bike up there. Would probably be easier on a sedan or something a bit lower, but on newer outbacks, it takes some effort. If I was an inch shorter, Id need a step or some help to get it the bike up there.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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