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    I didn’t want to stray off topic from the Dual Slalom course in the other thread so I figured this would be better for planning trail work or anything else since there seems to be a few members on here from Gainesville now and a few of them have contact with the the property owners.

    That said,Rareform…that is a great start on a ladder bridge! That is very solid feeling and will be very cool winding back and forth across the trail like that.The bridge I have in my yard would actually make a good addition somewhere on the downhill section so I’ll det that ready to move this weekend and have it ready to go for Monday if you want to mess with it.


    Thanks, got most everything cut today and hopefully will finish that section monday. Hope to see ya there. I think I’m over the concussion, took a few days but I’m good. Think I’ll leave the slalom to you guys!!!


    Oh yea, tried to take the first section like a table top and overshot, hit the second jump unprepared. LOL Ate shit. Have pics with a rock in the vent of the helmet and was loopy for atleast 5 minutes. I had no clue I was out either!!! Too old and inexperienced for the slalom, will be on the trails if you need me. 😃


    Hey Galaxy, check out TheRareForm page on facebook. Video of you on the ladders at the Rock. Anyone else that cares to can check it out also. Not "great" riders but we do what we can. Time for the next section at the Rock. If anyone has wood/lumber to donate pm me please. Thanks


    Speak for yourself….I ripped that bridge!!! haha!

    I went out yesterday and hit it fast from the top of the hill and about shot off the right side at the tabletop and into the tree,I luckily pulled it back on track and saved my shoulder though.

    I have not dis-assembled my bridge yet,I have a tooth screwin with me again so I didn’t take it down today like I had planned.I most likely won’t make it tomorrow,I’ve gotta find a dentist with an open appointment slot and get this tooth taken care of but the bridge will be down and ready to go next monday,we just have to get the ground ready and assemble it.I’ll try to get the ground cleared this week.

    Nice sign too!


    Figured something was up, missed you today. And I was talking more about me than anyone else. haha Almost got the entire thing mapped today. Have to do the roads, obstacles and parking and it will be a full and complete map of the Rock!!


    From Clint Gibbs, Rock church liaison and avid Mountain Biker.

    This is for all of you mountain bikers out there, or parents of kids who ride/race BMX or mountain bikes. As some of you know we now have a pretty sweet pump track at the Rock trail built by the guys with the University of Florida and other local riders. It was used for a race a month or so ago.

    We need to do some maintenance on the track to make it easier to ride for the masses, which involves taming the jumps down a bit, solving some drainage issues, and possibly extending the track. This will involve renting a Bobcat or similar machine. This is where we could use some help!

    If you would like to donate to this project, we’d really appreciate it! $5 or $10 from a group of interested people would really help.

    The Rock trail has become so much more than I imagined when I first got out there with a machete over 5 years ago. It excites me to see the scope of the trail expand, and I really get excited when I see my 6 year old son enjoying the new track.

    Please email me directly at if you’d like to help with donations and/or time.

    Thank you!

    Clint Gibbs


    Sent you a email, more than happy to help. Need more people to get on board. Everyone please pitch in!! Thanks


    Hey Galaxy, It just so happens that I hafta take a ride to Gainesville this weekend. I ordered a bike from Santa Fe bikes for the son and didn’t get the right one. So we’re headin up there to exchange it and would like to check out The Rock. The shop doesn’t open ’til 1:oo pm and I wanna get him on a bike first so it’ll be later in the afternoon. Any suggestions for hittin your trail?. You guys gonna be out there? Holla back
    Ride On

    "ChiliPepper" wrote

    Hey Scott, how old is your son? BTW, I am going to try and plan for either Saturday or Sunday up at SC and maybe even the EC across the road. I miss riding that trail. Anyways, whats your scedule for that weekend. Let me know bro.


    Little dude’s 14yrs old and 6ft tall 😮 still haven’t figured out what we’re feedin him but I know its alot 😆, gotta be in Gainesville sat. to take this bike back (too much to ship it back, plus the dude’s got alot of nice bikes wholesaled), I’m open sunday. We tore up SC and EC last week, always a great ride, definiately let me know watcha decide Bro
    Ride On


    Bro,I have to move Saturday,the whole house…but I’m still gonna try to break away for a couple hours in the afternoon to come ride with you guys.It may not happen but I’m damn sure gonna try to make it,that would be very cool!

    Be ready for the Roots!!! 😃


    Yea plenty of roots. Galaxy give me a call you need help moving the stuff, more than happy to help out. Got the 3rd section ready to go and will be putting it together on Monday!!


    The Rock, well all I can say is it ROCKS!!! We cruised up to Gator country saturday afternoon, picked the boy up a sweet new KHS DJ200. Nice dirt jumper! and headed to the Rock, found a local with a little Rock knowledge and proceeded to fly through some of the coolest singletrack I’ve ridden in Fla. Long sections of slight grade you don’t even hafta twist the cranks, but if you do…SPEED!!! 😮 . The Rock is the perfect name for this place, the ground is so hard it is amazingly fast. Good job guys. I saw singletracks stickers everywhere too 😃. The cool structures in the pics are mostly decayed beyond use, kinda bummed on that but don’t let that deter you from going there. The slalom course was fun, not recomended for a XC bike though. The DJ200 was perfect Image
    All in all two thumbs way up
    Ride On


    Wow, Thanks for this good news scotkrzy.


    Thanks and btw we are trying to redo all the structures and add some too!! Any ideas hit me up @ TheRareForm on FB. Thanks We use mostly donated supplies so any help is appreciated. Galaxy hit me up soon, or see ya Monday!!

    "rareform" wrote

    Thanks and btw we are trying to redo all the structures and add some too!! Any ideas hit me up @ TheRareForm on FB. Thanks We use mostly donated supplies so any help is appreciated. Galaxy hit me up soon, or see ya Monday!!

    Yeah I saw your previous threads, I was hopin’ to run into Galaxy when we were there and drop him a little donation the trails are realy great and the more stuff you add the funner they’ll get. We probly won’t make it back up that way ’til Memorial day for a bunch of drunken debauchery at Ginnie Springs but if things change I’ll holla.
    Ride On
    P.S. Come on down to CentFla and I’ll show you some roots 😆


    Hey guys great work on the trail so far, here is another e-mail from Clint Gibbs:

    It looks like the only Saturday that will work this year (working around races and stuff) is October 30th. We will begin at 10 a.m on the pump track and will have a Bobcat tractor. Please bring shovels, rakes, tamping tools and even a wheelbarrow if you have one and can transport it. Also bring a machete and loppers in case we have extra hands and can do trail trimming too. And of course remember to bring a lunch and some water.

    Also, if you had mentioned that you want to donate to the Rock trail, now would be the time to get it to me! We need to rent the Bobcat and get a load of dirt. Thanks!

    Clint Gibbs

    PS Please shoot me an email if you can make it so I’ll know how many people we’ll have out there.


    Hey everyone! I finally have internet service here at the new place so I’m back!

    I’m gonna try to be there at the trail with $20 and a shovel and rake Saturday morning.

    I still have not dismantled the bridge at the other place but I have to get it done this week so next Monday if you want to come by here with the truck we can get it out there.


    Sounds good Galaxy, will get in touch this weekend. Thanks


    A reminder about the work day this Saturday:

    Just a reminder that we’ll be working on the Rock trail at 10 a.m. this Saturday. We’ll be working on the pump track (actually making the dual slalom into more of a pump track and making it longer). If you have them, bring shovels, rakes, tamping tools, and wheel barrows.

    I’ll buy pizza for everyone for lunch. Bring water and snacks. We’ll get most of the work done by 3 so we can watch the game (or go ride).

    Call/email me if you have any questions or need directions.

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