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    Do your homework!
    I have been riding a full suspension bike for the last 3 years. A Specialized 2009 FRS XC to be exact. Since the time that I purchased the bike it seems that it has become all but obsolete mostly because it seems that all anyone is buying now are these 29er’s. Now, I love my ole bike. It rides great and I love the way it handles out on the singletrack. After listening to just about everybody that has crossed over from the 26 to 29 it seemed like I might as well be riding an old Huffy. According to them the difference was night and day. "Everything is better on a 29’er". After months and months of of constant badgering by my riding buddy’s I broke down and went to the bike store with the intentions of buying this new 29’er contraption. My choice was going to be the Specialized Stumpjumper. Well the bike store had just sold the last one that was my size and my price range. "Wow that must be the bike to get if the bike store cant even hold on to them". Well for the next few weeks I went on on my old bike and I loved it as always. Then one weekend Specialized came to my local trails with Demo’s. "GREAT!!" So I hopped on the almighty Stumpjumper and took it for a few laps… I hated it. I hated every aspect of the ride. "wow I guess I dodged a bullet there" I thought as I brought the bike back. I told them what I thought about their beloved Stumpy and they weren’t all that shocked to hear me say that. They then suggested I try out the Camber. I figured since I had some more time I would give it a shot. WOW! Now this is great! It was the ride I was use to on my old bike. Actually it felt like I was on my old bike. So I went back to the bike shop and I picked up one for myself. Do I love it? Yes. Although I feel like I am just riding my old bike with bigger tires. Could I have lived without it? Yes. One thing I wish to get through to anyone thinking of crossing over is, Do your homework! It is a different ride so if you are going to drop the cash on something make sure you like it first! If you get a chance to demo bikes, take advantage of it and don’t make a $2,500 mistake! Thats all I got for you, Happy trails!


    Great post! This really underscores the need to try before you buy, especially on the types of rides you do most. Making mistakes with four digit price tags sucks.


    Being somewhat new to MTB going on three years I wish I would have just slowed down a bit, I spent way to much for something that was ok more than once. You could of told me anything was the best. I finally ended up getting the bike I really wanted 2011 Trek Remedy 9. I just loved that bike but when I purchased it because I was there to buy my son a Remedy 8. Well I would love to tell you I stopped there but started doing this race series last summer and I noticed that the guys that were winning were riding 29r the course was not that technical so I drove on down to my Local shop Jax and started looking the sales guy kept trying to steer me into one of the bikes in stock but I new what I wanted Treks superbly 100 elite. I did a few upgrades now the bike is worth about 10K. But my stupidity continues my oldest son sort of just moved into my remedy so I decided that I needed to purchase another 26 inch bike, Well as you can probably guess I just got another 26 inch bike. I know my boys will never ride my babies. Oh the new bike Santa Cruz Nomad C I am going to get the Enve wheels with Kriss King hubs. I also bought the XTR Race air cooled and the Shawdow plus derailed

    "PSIME84" wrote

    They then suggested I try out the Camber. I figured since I had some more time I would give it a shot. WOW! Now this is great!

    Ha ha! That’s pretty funny. The Camber is what sold me on the 29ers also.

    I ended up getting a Stumpjumper FSR though and I absolutely love it 😃


    may as well join in the camber jock sniffing…I was a hardcore hardtail only guy..had some surgery, couldnt take the beating anymore, rode several bikes (a giant, a trek, a santa cruz that was amazing but out of price range), but the camber had the fit and feel of the hardtail. Did it, love it, we’ll see next november how the love affair goes after a full year of beating my girls brakes off in the woods goes by, but i think she’ll be fine.

    "PSIME84" wrote

    After months and months of of constant badgering by my riding buddy’s I broke
    down and went to the bike store with the intentions of buying this new 29’er contraption.

    You let your buddies talk you into a 29er and you’re less than thrilled with it?


    "maddslacker" wrote


    I’m afraid to click on that at work…

    So, all my 26er posturing aside (it [i:2r9uvfw5]is [/i:2r9uvfw5]fun to stir that debate…), I’ve been looking at the Banshee Paradox. And when I say "looking at", I mean only online, but the description seems to fit my likes. Anyone have any first-hand experience?


    Upgrade? Just went through this in June, buying my first MTB. Went with the Remedy 8-love it. Everyone said buy a 29er, but I liked the 26". Still think it was the right choice, better control and not having trouble keeping up with 29ers on techy stuff, which is what I like to ride.


    I don’t like the idea of 29ers either, I tried a hardtail 29er, can’t remember the brand/model, and didn’t like the way it felt, I’m 5’7" and 29ers look and feel like they’re for taller people. That and I too love the technical stuff, a larger wheel means it won’t weave as easily through those crazy tight spots between rocks. So I’m happy to see some models still in 26 or only 26", like the Specialized Stumpjumper FSR or Endro, I’ve got my eye on those.


    I got my first 29er more or less by accident, just to ride around town, and jump curves and have a fairly plush ride. I liked the way it rolled. Then on single tracks decided I needed FS, and went with a Camber mostly on the advise of the salesman. They did have Stumpys in stock but he felt that it would be wrong for my riding. I like the Camber a lot, but I’d sure like to get a good test ride on some 26ers. Grass is always greener. 😃


    That’s what I’m saying.. I didn’t realize how different 2 bikes that appear so similar could feel so different on the trail. If I based my opinion of 29ers on just how my first test ride on the stumpy went I would be bad mouth bashing them every chance I got. But inter riding a few I found one that rides better than any bike I have been on. I fell in love with the way this thing rides and wouldn’t change it for anything. It is not fair to bash all 29ers because you had 1 bad ride and if you are making the change make sure you know the bike that you are buying. No one wants to make $3,000 mistake!


    It’s so true with biking – you need to test out stuff and make a very informed decision, which, coincidentally, is really hard, because not all shops carry what you want them to.

    I ride a Trek Fuel 26" FS and am looking forward to trying some 29ers and see what they’re like. One of my ride buddies moved up to a Yeti SB95 and he’s like the freaking wind now…

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