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    Hi all! My name is Kurt, 47yrs. old and getting younger everyday! Bought a road bike this summer, enjoyed that and now have experimented in mountain biking. This I really enjoy and want to get a reasonably priced bike for a few weekend trips a year. Now I know everyone says stay away from WalMart bikes but seriously how bad can they be? Here is a link to something that would interest me and fits in the budget right now. How long can I expect something like this to last and what problems would you all expect me to have with this bike? What are the major downfalls? … e/21191086
    Thanks in advance,


    The bike you liked to would work for a couple minutes on the trail but is not made to withstand the punishment of trail riding. For starters, that bike will not come in different sizes and therefore will not fit you well. Also it will weigh almost 40 pounds without being that strong. The components are very low end and the list goes on.


    Bad. I know every dollar counts, and I haven’t really looked in years, but my guess is you could buy a decent entry level hard tail from an LBS for around $600. Of course, once you buy it you will be looking at $2k+ full suspension bikes. Figure out what you can really afford, and visit some reputable bike shops to figure out what you want/like/need, etc. Good luck.



    If you take that on a real trail, within a mile or two, you’ll simply be out your $139+shipping and have nothing to show for it–unless the catostrophic failure also leads to serious injury in which case the only think you’ll have to show for it will be broken bones and medical bills. Oh, yeah, you wont even have enjoyed the mile you rode before it/you broke.

    I have seen the above scenario multiple times. I’ve never seen anybody do serious mountain biking on a Wal-Mart (or comparable) bike and not suffer the consequences. Better to save your cash for something you will enjoy (even if it’s not mountain biking) than to simple waste it in this manner.

    I know we may come across as horrible bike snobs, but non of us will assert that you have to spend 3 grand to get into the sport either. In my experience, the cheapest you can get a new, trail worthy bike is around $500 and that won’t be a full suspension either–which is certainly okay; even though I have a nice fully, I still have the first hardtail I ever bought and ride it regularly, enjoying every minute of it.

    If budget is a serious concern, keep your eyes open for a decent used bike–just bring along a knowledgeable buddy before buying who can help you determine proper fit and the integrity of the bike itself.


    Thanks all for the input, I guess I’m looking for something used. I have a couple places I want to enjoy yet this year so hopefully I can find something soon. 😀


    Same advice here. When I got into biking I borrowed my brothers Mongoose and ended up replacing it for him. The rear hub / bearings etc did not hold up. That was before I really hit anything worth riding. If money is a big concern take your time and find something used. Many quality bikes on ebay and craigs list. Buyer beware. Better yet sell the roadie and use that money for a mountainbike…you will never go back!

    "K-Log" wrote

    Thanks all for the input, I guess I’m looking for something used.

    If you can be patient and know what you want, scout out Craigslist for a while. Also, if you can find a local bike forum, that can be a good resource for finding good, used bikes in your area.


    Look into a specialized hardrock sport disk 29er, I bought a 2013 model about two weeks ago for $699, after I bought a walmart bike. I’m new to mountain biking this year, and the bike has been awesome for me. The Walmart bike is junk, I pretty much wasted $160!! The specialized is an entry level bike, but I think it’s definatly worth the money I spent


    2013 models are just rolling out also. If you can pick up a new 2012 or 2011 model, you should be able to get a pretty decent deal on the bike.

    I started out on a Specialized Hardrock like wigg006 (but not a 29er and it didn’t have disc brakes.) Five years later, it’s still going strong!


    K-log I agree and disagree with alot of what been said here in my personal experience it has alot more to do with your mechanical skill level and the way you ride more then where you buy the bike or how much you pay for the bike I personally Own a Schwinn Aluminum comp I bought from walmart for $170 it is a hardtail (side note I stay would stay away from the full suspention bike from a dept store…the rear suspention just seems way too soft to hold up to anything ,last one i test rode I tried to stiffen the suspention the best i could and still felt like i was loseing over half of my pedeling power due to frame flex)the first thing I did was go thru the bike with a fine tooth comb and readjusted everything and set the bike up for me. I have run this bike for several years the biggest problem I’ve had with it is I bent the bars and have done general maintenence and as far as weight it weighs 31 lbs…now before I start getting bashed for my comments I would like to say I Don’t ride areas that have mile + long downhill where you reach speeds over 30mph or 4ft+ drops nor is my skill level at point yet with all that being said ….I would recomend getting a hard tail that feels comfertable for you (I would never buy a bike online without being able to sit on it and make sure the bike fits me not all bike are the same size even though they may have the same size tire) in my opinion regardless how much you spend on a bike you will always have to do some adjusting and maintenence to get it set up for you and your riding style not to mention the type of riding you do

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