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    Hi everybody

    With my wife, we are going to spend 3 weeks in US and Vancouver.
    We are going to land in San francisco. We have 7 days to go to vancouver where we are going to ride there for a week.

    Where can we find beautiful singletracks between SF and vancouver ?

    We would like to find hard XC singletracks…

    Please help us ?




    I wasn’t going to respond to this since I’m not from the Pacific NW and don’t have first-hand knowledge of those trails. However, since nobody else seems to be responding, I’ll share with you what I’ve heard to be the must rides in the area that are on my wish list should I make it out that way (moving from North to South): … flats.html … rails.html … trail.html … mpqua.html

    Again, these are just the real "big name" rides along the way. I’m sure a little local knowledge could point you to some other great trails as well.


    Seattle Washington, head east on I90 aprox. 30 miles out of town you have endless choices. Colonade bike Park in Downtown Seattle to warm up, then Duthie Hill, Then Exit 27, then Tiger Mountain, Then Iron Horse Trail, Then Middle Fork Trails. That should keep ya busy for a few days! If you actually come out this way I have a free Tshirt for you from Boardshop 5420 Ha!



    Thanks for yours answers !
    @Skibum : thanks for your help !
    @Rickjames : we are going to make this amazing trip and going see you in your shop !!!


    I too don’t have any first-hand knowledge of that area… yet! I hope to change that this summer.

    Further north, I’ve heard there’s killer, very difficult technical riding in Bellingham, Washington, but we only have a few trails listed here on Singletracks: … Bellingham

    Those in and of themselves might warrant a stop, but I’m pretty sure there are more trails in the area… they just might not be legal ones.


    Oakridge Oregon is along the way and has a reputation as being center to lots of cross country riding. The McKenzie River trail is close, but I hear a lot of good stuff about the Alpine trail and other stuff along the Willamette River. Have fun wherever you end up. 😃


    Sorry for the delay in replying to this, but here are some options for after you leave San Francisco. These trails are east and north east of San Francisco, so could easily be included in your trip north.

    Heading east out of the city on Highway 80, I would suggest going past Sacramento and trying a few trails in the Auburn area. Clementine is a good ride, with a nice connector trail to the Foresthill Loop:
    Clementine-Foresthill Connector
    Foresthill Divide Loop

    After leaving the Auburn area, I would suggest heading north on HWY 49 to Downieville, which has lots of places to camp or stay, and is a very bike centric town. The summer population basically revolves around mountain biking and the trails are world class. The main ride would be the Downieville Downhill, but there are other rides in the area that are great as well. Many people book a shuttle from town to the top of the mountain and ride back, but there are certainly trails to ride to the top, if you choose. I have had great luck using [url]]Yuba Expeditions[/url] as my shuttle service. They are always courteous and knowledgeable with reliable shuttles.

    The most famous trails are:
    Downieville Downhill
    1st, 2nd, 3rd Divide trails
    I like to add in the Pauley Creek trail option from the drop off point (Packers Saddle):
    Pauley Creek

    If you want to go a bit further east before you head north, you shouldn’t miss a few of the Lake Tahoe area trails, which are some of the best in the country:
    Tahoe Rim Trail
    Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride
    Flume Trail

    Northstar Resort is located in North Lake Tahoe and is a decent DH park with great lodging:
    Northstar Resort

    I hope you have a great trip!


    Paradise Royale is a trail near the top of my list that I haven’t ridden yet. Northern CA, this is where mountain bikers have the right of way over all other trail users! Don’t know other trails like that.


    Hi everybody !

    We spend amazing holidays in USA & Canada !!!

    Our trip was :

    Santa Cruz : UCSC trails and Demo trail ( Five star !!!)

    Eugene, Or : Mc Kenzie River trail

    Vancouver Island with "island mountain rides" and Martin Ready. He shows uswonderful technical or smooth trails ! Amazing place with an amazing guide !!!! You should really go to see him !!!!

    Hood river : post canyon

    Bend : Phil’s trails and funner trail + tiddlywinks +++

    South Lake tahoe : Mr Toads +++ and sidewinder + cedar trail !

    Thanks for your help

    @Rickjames Our shop was closed the sunday when we come to see you…


    Nice, that sounds like an awesome trip!


    Glad you had a great trip! We definitely have some great riding out here on the left side!


    Awesome! That is a road trip most of us in North America would love to do also. 😀

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